The Real Beatirx Potter

This was an extremely interesting look into the life of Beatrix Potter. I’ve always loved the books and have recently bought the entire collection- just as a reminder of childhood. The film sparked my fascination with the life of the author and I found this book delved deep into her life. As with many children at the same time – she led a very sheltered life. But Beatrix was a very curious child who wanted to know more about the world she lived in and felt oppressed by a woman’s place in this world.
She was very ahead of her time and longed to lead a more independent life- but as an unmarried girl was very much controlled by her parents well into adulthood. She kept an assortment of wild animals in her room that she studied carefully and were the inspiration for her early work. She wrote stories for friends childrens and eventually tried to get them published.
You read about the difficulties of a woman trying to break into the publishing world against her parents wishes.
She really was a woman ahead of her time. She had plenty of heartache- but also found great happiness in a more simple life when she broke away from her parents.
She was part of the great success that is the National Trust and showed a great understanding of the need to preserve places of great beauty- even though she initially bought her home in the Lake District as a holiday home.
I learnt a lot about her life and respect for her drive and the way that she forged a life for herself by working very hard.
I must buy a paper copy of this book for my collection.

The Lilac House- Barbara Josselsohn


I love it when you find a new author and enjoy a great book knowing that it is part of a new series. Anna and Aiden meet in Lake Summers. They have both been through recent heartache and don’t know whether they are ready for the spark of attraction between them to lead to anything more. I love books set in American small town settings where there is a strong sense of community. The locals are a great cast of characters and you can just imagine trying the latest trial of smoothies.
Aiden is tasked with making the town a thriving business centre with complementary stores bringing in custom.
I loved the dance element and could just imagine the ballet clothes and the dance studio.
The book explores family dynamics, loss, secrets and blossoming romance.
I can’t wait to get my hands on book 2 in the series.

The Cornish Cream Tea Summer 1- Cressida McLaughlin

I absolutely loved the Cream Tea bus series and this is the first part in a new series featuring the delightful double decker café that tours round Cornwall and attends food festivals.
There is a new setting for this series which I really enjoyed and could picture the settings as a mix between Poldark and the Regency scene in Notting Hill.
We went for a meal on a Double Decker bus at Christmas and all the lovely images from this book were in my head whilst we were eating.
Delilah is Charlies cousin and she invites herself to stay after a disastrous time in London. You do wonder what disasters Lila might leave in her trail. I can’t wait to get the next book in this series and see what adventures are in store.cream

Dreaming of Verona- T A Williams

As always a gorgeous read from T A Williams. He is almost singlehandedly adding to my bucket list with every book I read. I have a yearning to visit the setting from each book. Venice and Verona were high on my list- and I now feel as though I have visited through the pages of this book.
The characters are always wonderfully drawn. Suzie is hired to keep an eye on a rich ‘society girl’ whilst she is on holiday. Her dad is a little over protective and until they get to know each other, Alex comes across as a spoilt rich girl. But they soon get to know each other better and enjoy sightseeing and spending time with Alex’s friends. Suzie takes time to figure out what is troubling Alex and making sure that she keeps her happy.
I loved the windsurfing element- and that introduced us to some further characters. She also meets a professor and enjoys spending time with him. A lovely black Labrador makes an appearance and he is also a lovely character to get to know.
I could just imagine myself there, choosing the same meals, spending time with their new friends and enjoying the sights.
I can’t wait until his next book is released and we travel somewhere equally exciting.

A cosy Christmas In Cornwall- Jane Linfoot


This was an absolutely gorgeous festive read.
Ivy has been hired to make her best friends sister’s Christmas in a castle, provide the best instagram opportunities for her social media business.

When she arrives, she realises that she has her work cut out to make this look like the Christmas everyone dreams of, hiding the niggles that all family Christmas celebrations can be prone to. She has a wide range of ages to keep happy, a castle to make sparkle and horror of horrors, limited internet access.

I loved reading and sharing all her Christmas plans, looking forward to the deliveries, meeting the local surf crew and seeing all the magical insta moments happen. It made me want to spend Christmas with a huge group of friends and family in a castle by the sea.
A new Jane Linfoot book is always a treasure to savour and I loved every page.

Where I found You – Emma Robinson


I’m delighted to be part of the blog tour for Where I found you by Emma Robinson.

Where I Found You - Blog Tour

Where I Found You

Apple Books:

Your daughter does not speak… But can she teach you how to live?

Ever since Ruby was tiny, she has been unique. Her smiles are magically rare, her building blocks are always colour-coded, and she communicates only in gestures. Sometimes, being Ruby’s mother is hard, but the way she sees the world makes it new for Sara every day.

When Sara’s husband walks out on them, Sara’s world falls apart, and her mother-in-law, Barbara, is the only person she can turn to for help. But Barbara thinks Ruby’s problems are all in Sara’s head; that she just doesn’t know how to raise a child right.

Sara can’t see how she’ll cope alone. Barbara won’t listen. Can a girl who doesn’t speak show them the way?

A powerful emotional page-turner about motherhood, friendship and family. Guaranteed to take your breath away. Perfect for fans of A Boy Made of Blocks, Jodi Picoult and Jojo Moyes.

My Review
I absolutely loved this book. It was written very sensitively and with great insight. I have a daughter on the autistic spectrum and so many of Ruby’s little quirks resonated with me
Sara finds herself looking after Ruby as a single parent, when her husband walks out just after they’ve moved into his mum’s house. When the new pre-school confirms her suspicions that Ruby could have a condition you can feel the emotions that Sara is going through. It can be a very isolating, tough place to find yourself whilst you take time to regroup , information gather and come out fighting your child’s corner and having to accept a new kind of normal.

It’s lovely to see the strained relationship between Sara and her mother in law, Barbara changing and providing support for each other and Ruby.

I will be keen to read more by Emma Robinson.

The Author

Emma Robinson is the author of three novels about motherhood and female friendship including The Undercover Mother.

Her fourth novel – Where I Found You – is available to preorder now and will be released on the 16th August 2019.

When she is not writing, Emma is an English teacher and lives in Essex with a patient husband and two children who are an endless source of material.

Twitter: @emmarobinsonuk
Instagram: emmarobinsonuk

Summer Days at Sunrise Farm- Lucy Daniels


I love this series more with every book I read. This one follows the vet nurse Helen and the plans she has for saving Sunrise Farm. It has a real sense of a community pulling together to help out those in need. It’s like meeting up with friends when you lose yourself in a new book. Everything feels so familiar you really feel as though you have turned up to help with everyone else. The animal characters are also wonderful.