Five Ladies Go Ski-ing – Karen Aldous


This was such a lovely read about a group of nearly 60 year old friends. They have agreed to go on a ski-ing holiday together and have been following a fitness regime in preparation.

I loved the description of the ski resort and the nerves of the friends, most who have never been ski-ing before. It sounds such a perfect festive holiday. Ginny will be marking the first anniversary of losing her husband and the other friends are also going through some troubled times of their own.

It was lovely to read a book about mature friendships and the different outlooks they have. I felt as though I was learning to ski myself and almost tempted me to think about booking!


The Yorkshire Vet- Peter Wright


I loved reading this book. Peter was taken on by the real life characters behind the James Herriot books. It bought many happy memories of reading those books and also getting an insight into Alf Wright and the real life Siegfried.
Peter describes his work experience there as a boy and then his years training and then his working life as a Yorkshire Vet alongside the tv series he agreed to do.
There is a lot of humour and sadness in the book as we hear all about his friends and his colleagues.
It has made me really want to visit the James Herriot centre and The Yorkshire vet series is now on a series link on my tv!

The Rhythm of the Tide- Ruth Saberton

I love Polwenna Bay. I feel as though I am amongst friends whilst I am reading. It is set in my favourite place- Cornwall. I can jut imagine the tide crashing on the shore whilst everyone goes along their way and making their way up the steep hill to see family and friends.
Alice and Jonny’s wedding is growing closer and they ask family and friends for help. Zak is back with his grandma after a troubled time in the music industry and is wanting to hide away and heal his wounds. Tess is also harbouring a troubled past. Can they work together to ensure the magic comes together for the wedding?
I loved the warm family relationships where everyone is looking out for each other, the romance of the wedding and between other characters and the whole village community pulling together to ensure that Alice and Jonny enjoy the day of their dreams amongst good friends.
The carnival plans sound fun , if a little stressful and really makes you imagine that you live in Polwenna and have been roped in to help organise a bake sale for the carnival.
I can’t wait to return to Polwenna.

Mistletoe and Mystery- Daisy James


I loved the return to the Paradise Cookery school which was set in Claudia’s home in the Cotswolds. They are holding a Christmas cookery course which sounds wonderful fun. I’d love to have stayed in the house alongside the other ‘students’ having a lovely build up to the festive season in the snow.

This book was full of friendships and romance and was such a lovely read. There is an air of mystery surrounding Claudia’s home. I loved meeting her husband and his delightfully chaotic approach to life- but displaying his heart of gold.I am really hoping that we might get to return again! The cover is so inviting that I hope lots of people are drawn to buy it and enjoy a lovely festive read.

Return to the Little Cottage on the Hill- Emma Davies


I absolutely love this series. It’s a whole community of friends running a wonderful complex where they are opening beautiful holiday lets and want a community for crafts people. I love the whole friendship and romance themes running through and the feeling that we could sit down and chat to everyone or walk through the grounds and see all the gardens.

There is a blacksmith competition going on and I’d love to watch that going on. I can’t wait to see if we return to Joy’s acre again!

One Thousand Stars and You- IsabelleBroom


Alice has a boyfriend who wants to settle down with her- but she decides to go away to celebrate her 30th birthday with her best friends. They travel to Sri Lanka , which is so beautifully described that you feel that you holidayed with them. You experience the friends they meet, the food and drink they try and the wonderful sightseeing expeditions they go on.
They want an authentic travelling holiday and we follow the trauma two of the characters have been through, romance and flirting alongside wonderful friendships that are tested but remain strong.
The last book I read by Isabelle Broom had me booking a trip to Prague next month and now I really want to travel to Sri Lanka! She has such a wonderful, warm writing style that draws you in and captures you until you have finished the story.

Dreaming of Christmas- T A Williams


This was such a beautifully written Christmas book. It had the perfect setting in a luxury ski resort with falling snow! A group of old University friends who shared a house, have been invited to spend Christmas together in a really posh hotel with no expense spared. Who could resist such an invitation. His trademark labrador character makes a lovely appearance.
Zoe split with her long term boyfriend the previous Christmas Eve and the past year has been tough. She will find it difficult to see him, but is determined to move on. Their host, the geek of the original house has become a very wealthy man and he has planed the most perfect Christmas break for them all. He has trips organised, a personal floor of the hotel with dedicated staff attending to their every needs and days spent ski-ing or relaxing.
You really wish that you could jump into the pages of the book to enjoy this extra special holiday amongst friends. As with any large group of people. there are a few niggles and worries between them. You do wonder whether Zoe will fall back in love with her old boyfriend, or whether her interests might be diverted in another direction.
I enjoyed every page of this book and could have curled up with a lovely mug of hot chocolate and a travel brochure, to book myself a trip to this resort.