Christmas at Hope Cottage- Lily Graham


I’ve really enjoyed previous Lily Graham books and the amazing cover on her latest really drew me to it. It promises such a great Christmas story and you won’t be disappointed.
Emma has an accident and goes to recover in the family home, Hope Cottage. You can just imagine tucking yourself under a blanket , beside the fire, nestled in the lovely cottage, sharing recipes and being wrapped in warm family hugs. Christmas is approaching and an eligible man adds romantic interest. The books sets such a lovely scene in your head. helped in no small part by the beautiful cover.
Great characters provide some really heartwarming memories and I loved every page.



Christmas at the Gin Shack- Catherine Miller

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This is such a fantastic return to the Gin Shack. We come back heading towards Christmas and a cocktail competition between the characters to invent a festive drink to put forward to the competition to put the Gin Shack in the award winning arena.
Olive is struggling a bit and feeling her age- but comes up with a great way of beating the weary legs! It really made me smile- despite the fact that my husband broke his hip falling off one last year! The friendships between all the beach hut crew is really heartwarming and the scenes set there were full of imagery.
You feel the deep friendships, family relationships and even forgiveness in the most unlikely quarters. I absolutely love being drawn into the heart of the community and would love to try the gin club evenings- especially when the cocktails are on the menu.

Her Last Secret- Barbara Copperthwaite


This book had me gripped from the very first few pages. Barbara Copperthwaite has an amazing talent for weaving the most fantastic stories and pulling you deep into the heart of the book. I had absolutely no idea which direction this book was going to take.  The story alternates between a few days before Christmas and the horrific scene that the police are called to on Christmas Day, after gun shots are heard. I was desperate to find out what had happened.

The characters all have their own problems which unravel as we read and you really are left wondering just what is in store. Ben and Dom have the outwardly perfect marriage and a gorgeous home in the suburbs- but does money bring either of them happiness?

This really was a page turner- you are desperate to discover more.

Christmas at Conwenna Cove- Darcie Boleyn


This is the second in the Conwenna Cove series and I loved the first one. Conwenna Cove sounds so delightful and a return at Christmas was particularly welcome.

It has everything- Christmas magic in abundance, families, cute animals and children, romance and the most beautiful setting.

Grace falls in love with the charm of the Cornish cove when she helps her parents move in. Oli, the local vet has 2 children. They are both dealing with personal tragedies and not looking for love- but there is a definite spark in the air between the two. I loved the way they got to know each other and that happiness is just around the corner.


Moonlight over Manhattan- Sarah Morgan


You know that you are guaranteed a great read from Sarah Morgan and the 6th book in the Manhattan with Love series is wonderful. It draws you in and provides fun and romance and Christmas sparkles. The cover is so enticing- it’s really pretty and promises lots of Christmas magical moments.
We meet characters from previous books and it feels like meeting old friends and lovely memories come flooding back.
Harriet stars in Moonlight over Manhattan. She has a dog walking business which brings her into contact with Ethan, a doctor who needs her to look after a dog. You can feel the spark between them.
She sets herself challenges to take herself out of her comfort zone and provides lots of interesting scenes.
This left me with a lovely warm feeling- warm fleecy blankets and hot chocolate moments.

Christmas Promises at the Little Wedding Shop- Jane Linfoot.


This book was an absolute delight to read. It combines wonderfully warm characters who provide romance and fun. I adore this series, the characters feel like old friends now. I can imagine walking through the shop with the rows of frothy tulle and sparkling tiaras and losing myself in romantic wedding dreams. I want to move into the little attic room with the porthole window and enjoy a break in Cornwall.
Holly wants a break away from Christmas memories and agrees to take photos at a surf themed wedding for a couple of friends and stay in the attic room, where she plans to curl up and forget the world.
Circumstances find her having to take wedding photos at several of the weddings organised by the Little Wedding Shop. After huge panic attacks and with the help of the gorgeous Rory she does a fantastic job capturing the magical moments for the happy couples and preserving their memories of their special day. I would have loved to have been snapping photos alongside her- especially with the help of Rory!
Rory is such a lovely character- romantic, a great uncle and a very thoughtful man. He creeps his way into Holly’s heart and they have such a heartwarming friendship. I loved the moments with his niece and nephew and the way things thawed between everyone.
I am delighted to see that Jane has a new series coming out- but hope that we might return to the little wedding shop one day, in some way!

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Sleigh Ride with the single dad- Alison Roberts


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Her secret Christmas wish

Dr Grace Forbes’ dramatic first day in Manhattan Mercy’s ER is unforgettable – especially when she runs into her old flame, ER Chief Charles Davenport, again!

That spark is still there between them but they’re different people now – after losing his wife, Charles is a single dad to adorable twin boys, while Grace has survived cancer but lost her dream of having children. Yet, as the weather gets colder she is drawn into the warmth of his family – could he make her Christmas wish come true?

Christmas in Manhattan
All the drama of the ER, all the magic of Christmas!

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My review.

I’ve just become a Mills and Boon Insider and this was the first book that I was lucky enough to review. It was a really sweet heartwarming story about 2 characters who initially met each other whilst they were qualifying as doctors. Grace and Charles had a fling in those days but following a family scandal breaking in Charles family they lost contact.

When Grace starts at Manhattan Mercy ER after several years the spark between them still exists although they’ve both suffered in the years they were apart. They have a lovely easy relationship where they can just talk and enjoy the simple things in life.

I loved Grace’s time with the cute twins, imagining the mess they made whilst making cookies and the cosy snuggles on the sofa with Horse the dog.

The romance is there along with a cosy family feel. I could have just read on and on, enjoying every page.

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