Felix the Railway Cat- Kate Moore


This was a delightful book about a cat who is employed by Huddersfield railway station. Two lads used to kick about ideas about things to introduce to the workplace and one of their ideas was to get a kitten. They sneakily introduced the kitten once the manager opposed to the idea was on secondment. Everyone (well almost) fell in love with the kitten and wanted to be a friend. They bought toys and treats.

The kitten had a wonderful way of creating a positive workplace atmosphere so that the staff were looking forward to coming to work every day. She found favourite places to sleep no matter how inconvenient it might be to other people. Two of the lads would kick a toy down a corridor for her to chase (not sure how that would go down in most workplaces mind you!).
She came into contact with some customers who changed their travel plans and there was a very touching scene where an autistic boy travelled to see her.

I loved the daily interactions with the staff , the customers and the cat. I wondered at points whether the cat was still at Huddersfield- but I looked up her facebook page and she’s still working and living there. Like other travellers I may be tempted to visit the station at some point- it sounds like a wonderful building and the added bonus of maybe spotting the cat would be lovely.

This is ideal for cat lovers as Felix is a wonderful mix of mischief and companionship.

Blink- K L Slater


This one had me spellbound from the first few pages. It goes back in time and back to present day to allow for the full story to be released and leave you wondering where the missing child is and whether she’s safe.

Toni the mum has gone through an awful time and when she is late to pick her daughter up, the press jump on that to blame her. You can feel the horror of living through your worst nightmare. Toni is trying to make their lives better- but is struggling to juggle everything and manage to keep everyone happy.

There are a collection of really interesting characters leading you to believe you know where the book is heading only to discover that maybe it’s someone else! I love the way the title of the book is introduced into the story and it’s a really interesting part of the story.

It’s my first book by Kim Slater and I am really keen to read her first book now. I was pleased to discover the K in KL stood for Kim to tick off part of a reading challenge for an author sharing my first name!

I voluntarily read an arc of this book.

To Rome with Love- TA Williams


What a wonderful read. Sarah works for a travel company and changes are in the air. When her wedding is called off she finds herself agreeing to lead a charity cycle ride from Venice to Rome. Apart from the fact that I would hate the physical side to the cycling this sounds like a dream trip. The characters are all really interesting and you can imagine getting to know them better. Lots of little romances are sparked amongst the other travellers. Sarah finds her prospective new boss very attractive- but he seems to have barriers set high and she’s wary of relationships.

I loved the descriptions of the countryside, the cycling, the characters, the towns they stopped in and even the ice cream parlours along the way. I can imagine the camaraderie amongst the cyclists. The exertion being rewarded by the spectacular views and the wonderful meals and events that are organised for them. If I could have hitched a lift in the minibus I think I’d have love the trip!

I always really enjoy TA Williams books and this was a wonderful read- ideal for a holiday, or curling up infront of the fire dreaming of the warmer weather!

The Cosy Coffee Shop of Promises- Kellie Hailes


Mel runs a coffee shop and when Tony who runs the Bullion, installs a coffee machine she is disgruntled. They come to an agreement and Tony finds himself agreeing to become a fiance for the duration of Mel’s mother’s stay. In return she’s going to teach him how to cook a new menu to regenerate interest in the pub.

There is a spark of romance running throughout. Mel and Tony are lovely characters and Rabbits Leap sounds a wonderful place to live. The cakes and meals will make you feel hungry whilst reading- and some of the dishes sound very tasty.

Chalet Girls- Lorraine Wilson



This was a sexy read set in a ski resort in Verbier. Lucy , Sophie and Beth work in the ski resort and we follow their days and nights working and socialising. There is plenty of romance and healing of heartbreaks along with family issues to resolve.

Luc and Sophie are engaged and supposed to be planning their wedding- but families get in the way of the best set plans. I loved their relationship- Luc is such a romantic. The emails her mum sends give lots of added details about the pressures she’s feeling. You can just imagine the plans her mum is making.

I loved one of the quotes in this book- ‘Like I’m a jumbled up jigsaw and he’s looking for the edge pieces, working out where to start’! Doesn’t that conjure up some images?!

I also adored the Winnie the Pooh and Piglet quotes

‘any day spent with you is my favourite day’- how wonderful would it be to hear that from your favourite person?

‘As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen’- the promise of new love and the wonderful things ahead.



The Breakdown- BA Paris


When she discovers that she drove past a broken down car where a woman is found murdered she is horrified. When she starts forgetting things and strange things happen around her house she worries that she is starting to suffer from early onset dementia. You can feel her panic as she knows what would be ahead. She also starts getting phone calls where the caller stays silent and convinces herself that the murder is now watching her.

This is a real page turner where you join her chaotic life and start wondering whether she is suffering a complete breakdown, is suffering the early stages of dementia or whether something more sinister is going on. Her life seems to be unraveling in front of her.

Plenty of twists keep you gasping as more things happen to her.

I discovered that I already had BA Paris previous book downloaded on my kindle- so I can’t wait to read that one now


Turn towards the Sun- Emma Davies


I absolutely loved Letting in Light and I was delighted to get a copy of Turn towards the sun. I love Emma’s writing style and it was great to catch up with old friends in Rowan Hill. Lizzie is a new character who is escaping a very troubled background and she finds Rowan Hill the sort of family setting she’s always dreamed of.

Strange things happen there and because Lizzie is new, suspicion inevitably points her way. She’s devastated as she suffers with a dreadful lack of self confidence due to events in her childhood. You are willing for everyone else to realise what is going on and to get things settled!

I loved the friendships and romance in the books and the craft shops/studios sound so wonderful that I wish I could visit and while away a few hours.

An absolutely adorable read and an author to watch out for the next release. I can’t wait for another book!