Summer Days at Sunrise Farm- Lucy Daniels


I love this series more with every book I read. This one follows the vet nurse Helen and the plans she has for saving Sunrise Farm. It has a real sense of a community pulling together to help out those in need. It’s like meeting up with friends when you lose yourself in a new book. Everything feels so familiar you really feel as though you have turned up to help with everyone else. The animal characters are also wonderful.


The Silver ladies of Penny Lane- Dee MacDonald

This was so beautifully written, very engaging characters and amusing storylines to keep you reading.
Two friends who run a dressmaking shop decide to go on a cruise run by the dating site they’ve joined. The dates add a lot of humour and you can’t help but feel for Tess and her disastrous dates.
A wonderful read for those of us of a certain age- giving you a huge reminder that life is for living! I can’t wait to read more by this author and want to add some to my holiday reading to enjoy on the beach.

99 Days with You- Catherine Miller

This is one of those books that stay with you for a long time. You quickly get drawn into the characters lives and care about where the story is heading. I loved Nathan and Emma and how they make plans for making things happen. Having read a little about this book, I had an idea where it would lead and when my kindle broke in the last 15mins or so of the book, my husband was sent on a mercy trip to get a new kindle! I couldn’t leave them there all night! I will definitely look for more books by Catherine Miller.

Dreaming of Rome- T A Williams


I always love T A Williams books because they transport you easily into beautifully described settings that make me want to add so many new places to my bucket list. Rome is already high on my list- but now I really want to visit soon. I enjoy getting to know the new canine characters in every book- getting to know Daisy was bittersweet because I lost my darling dog this week.

Jo and Corrado meet when a family wedding is being organised. Corrado seems to be the perfect eligible bachelor. He’s handsome, charming and very rich and he has the most adorable dog called Daisy. He doesn’t believe in love though.

I loved the romance throughout, totally losing myself in the magic. I was so sad to leave them behind.

I can’t wait to read his next book.

The Tanglewood Tea Shop- Lilac Mills


When Stevie is left some money by her great aunt, whilst she is in a sorry state of her life she decides to buy a tea shop.
When she struggles with even the journey to the picturesque sounding village, you begin to wonder whether she may have bitten off more than she can chew. But her plans for the tea shop are wonderful and she soon picks up pretty mismatched crockery for the delicious cakes she is going to serve.
Her introduction to the village community doesn’t go that smoothly, but she’s soon making friends with some wonderful characters who put themselves behind her.
It has everything- a lovely village, the ‘folk’ at the manor house, a tempting teashop, warm friendships and a hint of romance in the air.
I do wonder whether we might return to Tanglewood and possibly follow other characters in new ventures! I would be keen to read more.

Something to Tell You- Lucy Diamond


Frankie was left a note from her mother telling her who her father was. When she decides to seek him out she couldn’t have picked a worse time. She walks in on her fathers 50th wedding anniversary party. Family secrets and troubles are released throughout the book along with the hurt and mixed emotions on all sides.

it gives you plenty to think about- a long lost daughter, new siblings to introduce and the feelings of the poor wife, who deals with the fallout in her own way!

I loved all the threads of the different family members and how they all deal with the news and also how it affects Frankie.

A new book from Lucy Diamond is always a treat and I enjoyed every page.

The Hidden Women- Kerry Barrett

hidden women
What a wonderful read set in two timescales.
Lillian flew airplanes to their delivery destination in the war and with friends also set up a network of help near the airbases. She’s a wonderful character and she’s related to the other main female character in the modern part of the book.

Helena works for a tv company that researches celebrities history and one of her cases unearths her aunts name. That sparks curiosity and it is fascinating to read both sides of the story and see how the story weaves together.

I am keen to read more by Kerry Barrett.