Sunshine after the Rain- Daisy James


When a mistake happens at a show in the art gallery that she manages, Evie feels that she has to resign. Her colleague and friend comes round with the keys to the owners property in Corfu and suggests that she takes a break there.

Corfu is so beautifully depicted within the pages that you can’t help but want to join them all.

Sam is the owners son and he turns up at the villa whilst Evie is there and although she’s staying in the art studio and he’s in the main building, they do meet up. He encourages her to take up her paints again and takes her on some wonderful trips to inspire her. She also gets her head turned by the local Greek Lothario and sees some of the island with him.

You feel that you know the locals and would love to join them to sample the local fare and stagger back to your villa after sampling the retsina! I loved my trip to Corfu- the hint of sunshine, the stunning views that are described makes you want to be able to paint a picture for your own house and the romance sparks and delicious food and drink make it a perfect summer read.

House of Secrets- Lynda Stacey


When Madeleine decides she has to keep her daughter safe and leave her boyfriend- she seeks out her estranged father to see if she can live in his hotel. She loves getting to know her father again and it seems that Liam, her ex partner had meddled in the relationship to make it strained.

Poppy reverts back to a happy child wrapping everyone round her little finger. She likes ‘Bandit’ the romantic interest for Madeleine!

This book has everything- a historical link via a diary that is found that they are keen to explore, a chilling thriller aspect as Liam proves to be someone to fear, romance with Bandit and family relationships. So in turn you are on the edge of your seat and then relaxing into more sedate scenes at the hotel. I will be really keen to read more by Lynda Stacey.

The Little Cottage in the Country- Lottie Phillips


This was such a lovely, fun read. It’s full of lots of amusing scenes as Anna tries to settle into countrylife. The cottage her aunt left her doesn’t turn out to be quite the chocolate box dream that she imagined. Then she finds her aunt and best friend decamp to the country with her.

One of the first amusing scenes is a speed dating event. After discovering that they are in the wrong village , one of the locals rounds up a bunch of eligible men. You can just imagine the cringe factor! She also gets caught out submitting a shop bought cake to the cake stall competition.Can life get any worse for Anna?!

She’s a journalist and is having to submit a weekly diary from the country aided by her best friend as the photographer.

We have romance, friendships, snobby school gate mummies and delightful children.

The cover is so gorgeous that it would immediately attract me to pick this one up and I am so grateful to have received a copy from Net Galley.

The Once in a Blue Moon Guesthouse- Cressida McLaughlin


This was such a lovely book. I have really enjoyed Cressida McLaughlin’s previous books and was lucky enough to attend an author event that she answered questions about her writing. You are guaranteed to enjoy a nice happy read and able to lose yourself completely within the pages. I’m glad that I was able to read this one as a complete book- as I can be impatient to wait for the next episode when reading them as the separate books.

Robin had come back to help run her parents guesthouse and when they reveal plans to retire abroad she relishes taking on a complete overhaul of the guesthouse. She creates themed rooms that sound absolutely wonderful- with such attention to detail. I would love to stay in one of the rooms.

One night just after she reopens a man appears on the doorstep asking to rent a room because the house next door, which belonged to his aunt wasn’t habitable. Will is a wonderful character and the sparks fly between them. They have a great friendship teetering on a romance. Certain events get i the way and you are rooting for them to overcome the difficulties.

The characters in Campion Bay are delightful and you really feel as though you’ve got to know them. They are fully supportive of Robin’s new venture. Her best friends daughter helps out at breakfast time and she’s a lovely girl.

Robin was previously an event planner for specialist days that were once in a blue moon experiences and she brings her skills to her new venture but you also get the hint that she wants to make all of her guests have a taste of the same magical spell she weaves. She goes that extra mile to make everlasting memories for everyone.

I was so sad to get to the end of the book and would love another series in Campion Bay one day- as I have plans for Will’s house!!!!!!!!!!

The Orphan of India- Sharon Maas



A lost child. A childless couple. Can they save each other?

Living on the streets of Bombay, Jyothi has no-one to turn to after her mother is involved in a tragic accident.

Monika and Jack Kingsley are desperate for a child of their own. On a trip to India, they fall in love with Jyothi and decide to adopt the orphan child.

The new family return to England, but Jyothi finds it difficult to adapt. As Monika and Jack’s relationship fractures, Jyothi is more alone than ever and music becomes her solace. But even when her extraordinary musical talent transforms into a promising career, Jyothi still doesn’t feel like she belongs.

Then a turbulent love affair causes her to question everything. And Jyothi realises that before she can embrace her future, she must confront her past…

The Orphan of India is an utterly evocative and heart-wrenching novel that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page. Perfect for fans of Dinah Jefferies, Santa Montefiore and Diane Chamberlain.
‘Sharon Maas is one of my favourite authors … Evocative and vividHighly recommended.’ Renita D’Silva
‘A terrific writer.’ Barbara Erskine
My review

Sharon Maas has such a beautiful writing style. She tackles difficult subjects and manages to transport you right into the middle of a different culture and you feel as though you can touch and feel the atmosphere around you.

Monika and Jack are desperate for a family and when they meet Jyothi in the streets of Bombay- they want to offer her a better lifestyle. Things don’t go smoothly and the dream of a happy little family unit have to be adjusted. Jyothi finds it difficult to adjust to life in Britain.

There are some very touching breakthroughs and the books takes us through tragedies, betrayal, friendships, family relationships and a profound love of music.

Music touches Jyothi in a way nothing else can and Monika is keen to nurture this.

It really draws you in and you don’t want to put the book down. I had my kindle almost attached to my nose on the bus! You feel for Jyothi and long for her to be happy- after the turmoil she’s gone through in her little life.

I automatically reach for each Sharon Maas book that I see- as I just love the way that you lose yourself completely in the story and finish feeling that you have been along on the journey with the characters.

You can purchase the book here on Amazon

Sharon Maas



Sharon Maas was born in Georgetown, Guyana in 1951, and spent many childhood hours either curled up behind a novel or writing her own adventure stories. Sometimes she had adventures of her own, and found fifteen minutes of Guyanese fame for salvaging an old horse-drawn coach from a funeral parlor, fixing it up, painting it bright blue, and tearing around Georgetown with all her teenage friends. The coach ended up in a ditch, but thankfully neither teens nor horse were injured.

Boarding school in England tamed her somewhat; but after a few years as a reporter with the Guyana Graphic in Georgetown she plunged off to discover South America by the seat of her pants. She ended up in a Colombian jail, and that’s a story for another day…

Sharon has lived in an Ashram in India and as a German Hausfrau–the latter giving her the time and the motivation to finally start writing seriously. Her first novel, Of Marriageable Age, was published by HarperCollins, London, in 1999 and reprinted as a digital edition in 2014. After working as a social worker in a German hospital she finally retired and now has time for her favourite pastimes: reading, writing, and travelling.

Blood Sisters- Jane Corry


A real page turner that keeps you guessing throughout the book told from the perspective of both sisters- Kitty and Alison. The characters are well drawn and if not likeable are very interesting. Kitty is living in a care home and Alison takes a job working in a prison.

The story starts with 2 sisters and a best friend on their way to school. One dies, one is severly injured and one is unhurt. We are desperate to find out what happened to the girls.

You won’t want to put this book down. I love psychological thrillers and I will be really keen to read more by Jane Corry. I really enjoyed her writing stye and the book keeps you in a state of suspense throughout.

The little bed and breakfast by the sea- Jennifer Joyce


This was such a charming, heart warming book set in a bed and breakfast by the sea. You feel wrapped within a warm and cosy blanket enjoying the friendships and romances in the beautiful setting of Clifton on Sea whilst enjoying a cup of tea and enjoying a plate of cookies!

Mae runs a lovely bed and breakfast by the sea where she rents 2 rooms out in her house. She also has to work shifts in the local pub to help make ends meet. She has a 4 year old daughter and keeps rebuffing the advances of the local vet.

Willow runs a local shop which upcycles items into must have home decor- I loved the commissions she had throughout the book. She is doing up her ‘forever house’ with her husband Ethan. It has turned into a bit of a money pit leaving them with financial worries and stress. When a potentially severe problem turns up she manages to book into Mae’s B&B for a coupe of weeks.

Melody is escaping her everyday life and travelling around the coast to try and take that one special shot for a photography competition. She’s not sure of her ability but is desperate to take her hobby further. She meets Hugo who runs an ice cream van and sees past his brash exterior.

The girls develop a lovely friendship whilst they are sharing the house and try to encourage each other to take a chance on love with the men who are trying to get close to them! They share some of the issues troubling them.