Two Sisters- Kerry Wilkinson


Megan and Chloe lose their parents due to a car crash and decide to visit the holiday home where their brother disappeared 10 years ago. He was presumed dead- but no sign was ever found. Megan received a postcard on the day of her parents funeral that she thinks may have come from her brother and she wants to see if she can find out what really happened.

Whitecliff is a really creepy place to be- rich parents seem to leave their teenagers there for the summer and the locals resent them. No one seems particularly happy. You get a sense of danger lurking- but never sure which direction it might be coming from. The book is full of suspense- where you really wonder what may be beneath the story. The village celebration promises more dark secrets.

I liked the two sisters and the owner of the art gallery.¬† I loved the sound of Chloe’s drawings- it’s a talent I would like to have myself. The other villagers seem to be hiding any knowledge they had of Zac and display varying degrees of hostility to the girls.

Although I enjoyed this book I must admit that I much prefer the Jessica Daniels series.


The Bed and Breakfast on the Beach- Kat French


Winnie, Stella and Frankie book a trip to a lovely Greek Island and find themselves buying a pink bed and breakfast on the beach. Villa Valentina holds secrets and the girls find themselves in the midst of the whirl of a bed and breakfast and utilising their skills to make it a success. The bedrooms sound wonderful and the lifestyle along with plenty of gin and tonics make you feel that you have booked in for a wonderful holiday.

There is romance, wonderful village characters, gorgeous settings and a relaxing feel surround this book. There are village superstitions and some interesting guests arriving at the bed and breakfast that cause the girls untold trouble. It’s like your own little package tour in a book.

I love Kat French’s books and look forward to reading her next book.

Escape to the Cotswolds- Nataline Kleinman


This is a lovely summery read – ideal to pack for your holidays.
After an upsetting discovery Holly goes to stay with her best friend in the Cotswolds. She has a bad first impression of the local vet- but soon discovers that he is fantastic with the local animals so he can’t be that bad………..can he?
She falls in love with village life and her life dream of having her own studio and running classes begins to become a reality when she buys a house in the same village.
It sounds so blissful and you really want to find the local estate agent and find a pretty cottage of your own. Holly meets the locals and finds herself the object of desire with one- and has to find a way to deal with the thought of a new romance.
The book deals with lovely friendships, delightful village settings and the hint of a romance in the air. I love the Cotswolds and this book gives you a wonderful ‘virtual’ trip to the picturesque village. I will definately look out for more books by Natalie Kleinman.


The Chateau Of Happily Ever Afters


When Wendy gets a letter telling her she has been left a Chateau by her elderly neighbour¬†Eulalie, she doesn’t expect it to come with a clause that it will be shared by an estranged great nephew, Julian. Wendy doesn’t think her neighbour knew about him and is determined to dislike him from the off.

They both set off to spend a few weeks at the Chateau unbeknown to the other. Julian is a male model and Wendy thinks he must be very shallow.

This is such a heartwarming book. The Chateau is believed to have some magical properties and the villagers are all keen to meet them and find out more about them. One of the neighbours has a bakery round- and you just imagine the aroma in the air and the croissants for breakfast.

There is a lot of work to be done in the Chateau- but they both love seeing rooms come back to life. They both begin to love life in France and there is defianately a spark between them that is being denied. I would love to wander round the chateau and the gardens and walk into the village on market days and buy cheese and cakes and browse through all the stalls.

You get to meet and fall in love with the villagers and can imagine living there. You really can imagine the sights all around and the sense of it being a really relaxing place to be, despite a very temperamental generator.

Wendy starts to bake and although he’s used to a lifetime of counting calories, Julian is drawn to the kitchen, or is he drawn to Wendy?

An ideal read for the summer.



Where Dragonflies hover- Annemarie Brear



I love dual time stories and loved both eras in this book.
Lexi is drawn to Hollingsworth house even though her husband has no interest in moving in. Whilst looking round she comes across a diary which makes her more determined to own the house. The diary provides the historical narrative.
There is such a lovely, easy writing style that draws you into both stories. You can imagine the house as it was and loved hearing Lexi’s plans and the way her parents help her to achieve this.
There are some wonderful warm family moments, other relationships come under inspection and above all the house stands majestic promising hope for the future.
I will eagerly look out for more by Annemarie Brear.

Love on The Rocks- Emily Anne Brandon



What a lovely read- set in a seaside village called Whitehorse Bay in Scotland. The villagers know everything about everyone and secrets don’t stay secret for long. After Lexy lost her parents she has struggled emotionally. She pours all of her love into her border collie Brian, who is a wonderful character on his own!

When she meets Tom in the village she realises he is the 10 year old boy that she shared her first kiss with. She helps him blend into village life as he is looking for a retreat to escape from fame for a while. He treats her to extravagent pressies and encourages her to follow her dream of being a full time artist. We wonder what secrets he might be hiding and whether he’s going to be right for Lexy.

Her friends in the village are a bit more wary and have her best interests at heart. The friendships are wonderful and the local pub provides many great scenes. The whole location is described so perfectly that you feel you could visit and know everyone and be able to wander along the shore.

I love books set by the sea- and this one would make a perfect summer read. You eagerly read on , longing to find out what is going to happen next. I will be very keen to read Emily Anne Brandon’s next book.

Summer at the Dog and Duck- Jill Steeples


This is a lovely return to the Dog and Duck and the lovely landlady- Ellie Browne. I loved the first book in the series and you very quickly settle amongst familiar characters and the wonderful village community and feel like you are rejoining friends. This would be the perfect read to take on your holidays- easy to relax into and a feel good story.

Ellie and Max are a lovely couple but life throws more than a few obstacles in their path during the course of the book with his ex and his sister making an appearance.

A pub called the Dog and Duck just has to have a resident dog and black labrador Digby is an adorable character in his own right. The regulars are lovely and really make you want to live in Little Leyton with the Dog and Duck as your local.