The Chosen Ones- Carol Wyer


I love the Robyn Carter series- each one just seems to get better. She gets great results from her team – investigating some horrific crimes. They have to investigate a spate of murders and find out how they are connected. Her local journalist makes things difficult when she wants to steer their questioning and in turn risks causing big problems for the team.
I love the characters and the mystery in the books. They are real page turners – as you try to guess who is responsible for the gruesome crimes.
I’ve read that there is a new series coming up soon- which is so exciting. I hope we still return to Robyn in the future.


The Brighton Mermaid- Dorothy Koomson

The book follows the fallout from a tragic event in 2 sisters childhood. Nell and her best friend Jude found the body of The Brighton Mermaid, after they had crept out for a night out. Jude’s dad comes to collect them from the police station and tries to stop the policeman in charge ‘bullying’ the girls. He has his own nightmare following this event and eventually moves to a more remote village where Macy has troubles of her own.
It’s a great thriller- you know about the crimes, a spate of similar girls found. But we have no idea who is killing them or why. Shortly afterwards Nell’s friend disappears and she then dedicates trying to find her and help find out who the Brighton Mermaid was. I loved the dna evidence- I hadn’t realised that there was such a development in tracing family trees.
Danger seems to be around every corner- it’s very tense at points , keeping you on the edge of your seat. Dark secrets are being kept and we wonder when skeletons are going to come tumbling about- and where!
I love Dorothy Koomson’s books and always look forward to reading the latest release.

A family Recipe- Veronica Henry


Laura is living in her family home- her grandmother sold them her house and she lives in the grounds. 11 Lark Hill sounds a wonderful house and we hear about the history as we follow a dual narrative. Kanga, her grandmother lived there through the war years. She started a recipe box which is now one of Laura’s favourite possessions.
Laura is a busy mum, who has had to nurse her youngest through several severe asthma attacks and now she’s due to leave for university, Laura is facing an empty nest. Secrets unravel her perfect happy home and we follow her as she makes her way through a new chapter. She is planning to open up the house to air b&b and I loved the plans she has. I could imagine booking a couple of nights stay.
We also follow Kanga and her friend Ivy during the war years with the huge difficulties that they all faced. Ivy is that dependable, loyal friend who retains a spark of mischieviousness but will always have your back.
I loved the whole book which drew me deep within it’s pages and made me reluctant to put it down. The characters are so warmly drawn that you soon grow to love them. The recipes add to the overall warm and cosy feeling and it reminded me of the recipe journal that we compiled for my nieces 21st. Everyone wrote their favourite recipe in their own handwriting.
I always love Veronica Henry’s books and I was delighted to receive an Arc of this book from Orion.

The Little Cornish Kitchen- Jane Linfoot

I love Jane’s books- they always have a lovely bunch of characters and wonderful settings with a gorgeous story weaving their lives together.
Clemmie has a break from her job in Paris and comes home to see the flat that she has been left by her grandmother. She had lost contact with her dad’s side of the family and she is reluctant to view the flat which would involve commitment.
Her bubbly group of friends encourage her to pick up the keys and we are introduced to Laura’s quirky, bohemian flat with lots of colours and accumulated life keepsakes dotted around.
She’s introduced to her neighbour and his big boundy dog, as they share a balcony overlooking the sea. When Charlie lets her know that she will need a big pot of money to help pay the shared costs of a new roof, she needs to come up with a way to raise money.
When they find her grandmothers hamper of handwritten recipes, her friends convince her to set up a pop up event for all the singles of St Aiden. I absolutely loved the parts where she learns to cook with Charlie’s help and the way the events take off along with some funny incidents.
Her group of friends all sound wonderful and they all throw themselves wholeheartedly into helping Clemmie keep her quirky little flat despite her having to overcome obstacles in the way. I wonder whether we might revisit the castle?
It’s heartwarming and as Clemmie discovers various items in the flat her knowledge about her lost family begin to emerge.
I could picture myself curled up on the sofa, looking out on the ocean and nibbling on the latest culinary delights produced in the Little Cornish Kitchen. I loved this book.

Dreaming of St Tropez- T A Williams

I love TA Williams books- they always have wonderful characters, superb vividly described settings and a lovely labrador dog .St Tropez has never really been on my radar but now I’d love to go and visit and enjoy the scenery and the trappings of wealth on show.
Jess has agreed to take a dog over to St Tropez and spend a few weeks dog sitting. Her friend has always had a dream about St Tropez- so she eagerly agrees to accompany her. They also plan to get the dog back in shape and reduce his calorie intake!
Their ‘holiday home’ sounds idyllic and although they are looking after the dog they are keen to help out where they can. The son seems to be quite distant and arrogant- but Jess has more contact with him and little sparks fly between them. She is keen to help both David and his Dad move on after suffering a bereavement.
I could just imagine walking along the coastal path into the town, taking the path that leads directly to the beach and also a peep at the luxury yacht.
I was totally drawn into another world, keen to enjoy everything along with the characters and now can’t wait until he releases his next book. The perfet summer read.

The Holiday cottage by the Sea- Holly Martin

I love books that create such a wonderfully vivid setting that you want to move to Sandcastle Bay to meet your new friends. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to everyone and I hope that we return at some stage to catch up with everyone .
Tori has taken a holiday helping Aidan to harvest the heartberry crop which has wonderful local traditions surrounding it. It has to be harvested at night and they get together after realising there is a huge spark of attraction between them The pages sizzle as the romance develops. Aidan is such a wonderful character surprising her with origami flowers. They know their romance is destined to be a short term fling but they get to know each other and the things in their past that made them wary

There is a great cast of characters that have a range of fascinating jobs and families and. a delightful busybody matchmaker who bets on characters getting married. She is such a joy- although that is maybe just from a distance

Sunshine and Secrets- Daisy James


I loved every page of this book.
Millie takes a last minute job to oversee the finishing touches to a new venture. The Paradise Cookery school in St Lucia. The owner has had an accident and is unable to get the school up and running before the first guests are due to have an out of this world culinary experience.
She is in charge of a group of builders who don’t have the ‘urgency’ gene in their repertoire. She also has to test the new recipes with a wonderful sounding character Ella. I wished I could have sat in on their practice sessions, enjoying the delicious sounding food and enjoying a lovely new friendship. There is also the hint of romance in the air and the setting just makes you lose yourself totally in a wonderful new world of the Caribbean whilst suffering the frosty weather we’ve been experiencing here. I was sad to leave them!