Dreaming of Verona- T A Williams

As always a gorgeous read from T A Williams. He is almost singlehandedly adding to my bucket list with every book I read. I have a yearning to visit the setting from each book. Venice and Verona were high on my list- and I now feel as though I have visited through the pages of this book.
The characters are always wonderfully drawn. Suzie is hired to keep an eye on a rich ‘society girl’ whilst she is on holiday. Her dad is a little over protective and until they get to know each other, Alex comes across as a spoilt rich girl. But they soon get to know each other better and enjoy sightseeing and spending time with Alex’s friends. Suzie takes time to figure out what is troubling Alex and making sure that she keeps her happy.
I loved the windsurfing element- and that introduced us to some further characters. She also meets a professor and enjoys spending time with him. A lovely black Labrador makes an appearance and he is also a lovely character to get to know.
I could just imagine myself there, choosing the same meals, spending time with their new friends and enjoying the sights.
I can’t wait until his next book is released and we travel somewhere equally exciting.

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