Christmas at Woolworths- Elaine Everett


This was a lovely book about a group of friends who met through their connection with Woolworths . We hear about rationing, women’s war work which I found very interesting and the evacuees who went to the country.

The girl’s friendships run very deep and they warmly embrace a new lady into their fold who is hiding heartbreak.  They are all embracing life despite the many hardships they face.  They accept their trials and tribulations and look to the future.

You really felt as though you were experiencing everything through their eyes, getting excited about a dance and getting a new outfit ready from either old material dyed with beetroot or refashioned!

I look forward to reading Elaine Everetts next book.


Broken Bones- Angela Marsons


I love the character Kim Stone- she has a heart of gold hidden beneath a very tough exterior. She gets the best out of her team and they have her back aswell. In this book she is literally left holding the baby which is highly amusing. There are several crimes and mysteries that they need to solve before more harm comes to anyone else.
It was a really gripping story where you really don’t want to put your book down and miss any of the storyline. Things like sleep have to be put of hold whilst you are in the middle of the latest investigation. Although I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump- this book had me truly back turning the pages and deep inside the heart of the story. I just could not leave it.

Christmas with the Bomb Girls- Daisy Styles


This is the third book in the Bomb Girl series and it was lovely to catch up with the characters again. It is full of wonderful friendships, romance, relationships, family moments all amongst the setting of the bomb factory on the Moors.

The girls have a dangerous job- but the camaraderie between them is great. Some of them are harbouring secrets- but you are sure that the warm friendships will have them confiding in each other at some point.

The bomb shelters and underground stations bring the horror of the war home and you really do wonder how some of the girls manage to cope on very little sleep and a demanding job and families and homes to keep.

The Christmas Day scene in the book is so lovely- you can just imagine yourself there joining in with the singsong and watching the children in awe with Father Christmas.

I can’t wait to read the next in the series already.


The Evacuee Christmas- Katie King


I love books set around the war years and this was a lovely story about London children being evacuated to Harrogate. I could feel the tension as the children were waiting to be chosen and felt so pleased when the twins were taken to the local vicarage with a lovely couple. Their aunt who was expecting was also chosen to stay there.

I loved the friendships and squabbles and the life lessons learnt whilst the children were there. It must have been a very scary time for some of the children and you want them all to have experienced a welcoming family.

The cover instantly drew me to the book and I would be keen to read more by Katie King.

You feel the real sense of community and how people drew together to get through the tough times facing them. The vicar was a true example of his profession throwing open his doors to those in need and making the time as painfree as possible whilst also providing lots of memories to take away from their time as evacuees.

Christmas at Hope Cottage- Lily Graham


I’ve really enjoyed previous Lily Graham books and the amazing cover on her latest really drew me to it. It promises such a great Christmas story and you won’t be disappointed.
Emma has an accident and goes to recover in the family home, Hope Cottage. You can just imagine tucking yourself under a blanket , beside the fire, nestled in the lovely cottage, sharing recipes and being wrapped in warm family hugs. Christmas is approaching and an eligible man adds romantic interest. The books sets such a lovely scene in your head. helped in no small part by the beautiful cover.
Great characters provide some really heartwarming memories and I loved every page.


Christmas at the Gin Shack- Catherine Miller

gin s


This is such a fantastic return to the Gin Shack. We come back heading towards Christmas and a cocktail competition between the characters to invent a festive drink to put forward to the competition to put the Gin Shack in the award winning arena.
Olive is struggling a bit and feeling her age- but comes up with a great way of beating the weary legs! It really made me smile- despite the fact that my husband broke his hip falling off one last year! The friendships between all the beach hut crew is really heartwarming and the scenes set there were full of imagery.
You feel the deep friendships, family relationships and even forgiveness in the most unlikely quarters. I absolutely love being drawn into the heart of the community and would love to try the gin club evenings- especially when the cocktails are on the menu.

Her Last Secret- Barbara Copperthwaite


This book had me gripped from the very first few pages. Barbara Copperthwaite has an amazing talent for weaving the most fantastic stories and pulling you deep into the heart of the book. I had absolutely no idea which direction this book was going to take.  The story alternates between a few days before Christmas and the horrific scene that the police are called to on Christmas Day, after gun shots are heard. I was desperate to find out what had happened.

The characters all have their own problems which unravel as we read and you really are left wondering just what is in store. Ben and Dom have the outwardly perfect marriage and a gorgeous home in the suburbs- but does money bring either of them happiness?

This really was a page turner- you are desperate to discover more.