The Woolly Hat knitting club- Poppy Dolan


What a gorgeous book. Dee was a high flyer who loses her job unexpectedly. She’s been called to help her brother who has managed to break both of his wrists. He runs a wool shop and has a vlog where he has lots of followers. When Dee spends time in the shop her background has her thinking of plenty of ways to raise the profile of the shop and raise lots of money.
Spending time with her brother has a great effect on her- she realises that her family is very important to her and that her work had overtaken her life. She also catches up with an old friend who’s just had a prem baby.
That brought back lots of memories of being in hospital with prem twins and feeling that they didn’t really belong to me until we could take them out of the incubator.
I loved the charity drive to knit lots of little hats for them and the way it was organised you could imagine yourself there.
I loved all of the characters- plenty of family relationships, friendships, romance all wrapped up in a lovely heartwarming story.
It made me want to visit a lovely ‘yarn shop’ and buy enough wool to make a pretty project- but as I am the world’s slowest knitter, I might be tempted to pass it onto my mum.


Christmas at Mistletoe Cove- Holly Martin



This was such a beautiful book- it makes you believe in the magic of romance and friendships. Mistletoe Cove sounds such a wonderful place full of meaning for Dougie and Eden as they shared a kiss there when they were teenagers. Unfortunately Dougie moved to America with his parents shortly afterwards and shattered Eden’s childhood dreams.
This is a lovely story where great friends realise that they have both loved each other for years, although they are still a bit cautious. The romance throughout is really special and who wouldn’t want a Dougie to come back into their lives with lots of romantic gestures warming the heart.
Although part of a series this is easily read as a standalone- but you really don’t want to miss out on the other books in this series.

You can buy it from AmazonĀ here

The Season for Second Chances- Ruth Saberton.


Grace has reached the stage of life where she is starting to wonder whether it’s time to step aside and start to enjoy life at a quieter pace. She owns her grandmothers house in Cornwall and always throws it open to family and friends over Christmas and enjoys the old farmhouse coming to life with Christmas magic and the warmth of friendships and home made mince pies.

This Christmas brings some unexpected surprises and moments of sad reflections along with a seasonal snowstorm which makes everything look picture perfect- but also brings Victorian restraints on the festivities.

There are some really poignant moments, some sparks of instant attraction and the realisation that despite going through the worst of times people can still be there for complete strangers.

A book set in Cornwall is guaranteed to have me reaching for it- and this one warmly enveloped me within its pages, longing for snowy evenings wrapped in a warm fleece with a cup of hot chocolate curled up with a great book.

I loved everything about this book- but was sad to come to the end. I could have stayed in Grace’s house forever catching up with new friends and watching new relationships takes off, warming the heart.

This would be the perfect addition to your festive reads.

The Missing Girls- Carol Wyer



I was really eager to read the third book in the Robyn Carter series. I love her character and this latest investigation. I enjoyed every page and couldn’t wait to read more and find out how they were going to find this killer.

You can just imagine yourself in the police investigation, looking at all the coloured post it notes- wondering what connections will be found and looking for clues with each suspect. At one point I was certain it was going to be one suspect- but we are led into other avenues and more chilling evidence comes into play. You are desperate for them to find the missing girls and for them to find out how the cases are linked.

Carol E Wyer produces the most spine tingling suspense- willing you to read just one more page even though you should be turning the lights off to get some sleep. How could you leave them in the middle of the case!

The Break- Marian Keyes


I loved this book. Amy’s husband drops a bombshell that he is taking a break and going on his very own gap year (well 6 month) backpacking expedition. Whilst he’s away he will be on a break from his job AND his marriage- but he will be back in 6 months to take up where he left off! I think I’d have been telling him not to bother coming back!!!!!!

He’d had a terrible time after the loss of his dad and then his best friend and as the book unfurls you realise that there are other factors.

The book is a real treasure combing Marian’s lovely Irish writing with dysfunctional family issues, work problems and the obvious relationship woes.

Amy is left to deal with their daughters and her mum seeming to want to escape from the restraints of looking after her dad with Alzheimers. Although she has lots of siblings it seems to fall to her to do the babysitting. I loved the family get togethers at her parents- and the fact that EVERYONE turns up when it’s curry night

The Vlog starring her mother provides some lovely amusing moments. She’s enjoying her moments of fame .

There are also some very poignant moments where you wonder whether there will be any way back for any of them. Also the realisation that even going through similar situations there is never a clear black and white approach. Your heart rules and won’t allow your head to make a clean break

The Woman Who knew Everything- Debbie Viggiano


Three work friends are all expecting proposals from their long term boyfriends- but each is nursing secrets from their friends about the less than perfect relationships that would surely be fixed by the hint of a diamond.

When they visit a fortune teller organised by the office ‘vamp’ they are left unsettled by her predictions- but surely the lady is making all the predictions up.

This was such a lovely book exploring great friendships, office politics and not so perfect relationships. The characters are so well drawn you feel that you could get a job at Hood Mann and Derek and meet up over coffee and discuss life and work issues with a hint of humour.

Madam Rosa leaves you wondering- but she seems to be very accurate as you are screaming at the girls to move on!

I loved every moment in this book and was sorry to come to the end- I just have to wait for Debbie’s next book!!!!!!!

Love at the Italian Lake- Darcie Boleyn


I love Darcie Boleyn’s books and the gorgeous setting for this one really made me want to book a trip to Lake Garda. I easily lost myself in the descriptions of this beautiful place and the characters are so well drawn that you feel instantly close to them.
Sophia is escaping to Italy to get away from a broken relationship. She bumps into Joe at the airport and this starts a great relationship between the two. She is staying with her grandmother and it’s so sweet to see them bonding after a lengthy absence.
There are hints of secrets that could upset everything and they are dealt with very sensitively.
I absolutely adored everything about this book.