White is the coldest colour- John Nichol.


A very chilling read about a predatory doctor called David Galbraith. We see his next victim lined up and how he is setting the scene for his evil purposes. Everyone around him is wary of him and we are aware of his thoughts and depravity. You are desperate for him to be unearthed and arrested but not sure that we will be in time. You can see the grooming process in progress and you really want to call the police and let them know!
I wasn’t sure what I would feel about this book- as the subject matter is so harrowing- but it is more about the workings of the evil doctor. I couldn’t put it down.


Spring at Lavender Bay- Sarah Bennett

Beth gets left the Emporium by the lady who took her in as a teenager. She is keen to make it a going concern so that she has an option to sell it. She loves being back amongst friends in Lavender Bay and they take one of their own back into their hearts. She starts to feel at home and sorts out plans for the shop. I loved her friendships and the way everyone rallies round. I also loved the romance You feel a part of the shop coming together and the lovely romance creates a real feel good feeling around the book.
I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series to see where we will explore next.

Coming Home- Fern Britton


Fern Britton’s books are always such a delight to read. They are set in Cornwall and have such vividly drawn characters that you can imagine settling down over a glass of prosecco to have a chat.
Sennen abandoned her family as a 17 year old after her life became a little overwhelming. With two small children that she left for her parents to bring up, she carves out a nomadic life for herself. We learn more about her life and also the anguish her disappearance caused both her parents and her little boy.
When she travels back to Cornwall to see the solicitors she wants to build a new relationship with her children. Her son, who still had memories about his mum, is still very angry and initially doesn’t want to meet her. Ella is keen to meet the mum she doesn’t remember.
The Pencil House feels like a character in its own right and we can just imagine staying there.
Sennen has secrets that she is nursing and her flight back to Cornwall is stirring up more anguish for those she is leaving behind.
You can feel her desperation to be reunited with her children and her shopping trip to buy some more traditional clothing is particularly bittersweet. She is an individual but wants to create the right impression with her children.
I loved the way the story evolved, with the shattered feelings being hurled in Sennen’s face and the way she turns to her childhood friend for a little support. You can feel Ella’s need for her mum in her life and the relationship building between them.
I was sad to come to the end.


A Country Escape- Katie Fforde

It’s always a huge treat picking up a new Katie Fforde book. She has such a lovely, easy writing style that you soon lose yourself deep in the story with wonderful characters and beautiful settings. Fran has received a letter from a distant relative saying that should she be able to make a success of a dairy farm she will inherit the farmhouse and the herd. There is another relative from Australia who is being made the same offer and we are not sure that either will be able to turn the farm around in time.
Fran is a chef by trade and she decides that due to problems on the farm she needs to make cheesemaking a big money spinner. Money is tight but with her friends help Fran has a few ideas to raise their profile in the community. I loved the evening at the farmhouse and the romance in the air.
I take my daughter to a daycare farm once a week and the cows are our favourite there, so I could visualise the lovely herd at the farm and the love for the animals.
The farm sounded so lovely- in need of some tender loving care but with such potential for it to be wonderful.
The distant relative is an awkward old lady but she’s a lovely character and we wonder whether she will choose Fran or the Australian chap. They want different things for the farms future and we are really routing for Fran as she falls in love with the farm.


Everything is Lies- Helen Callaghan


I really enjoyed this book which kept me guessing all the way through. I didn’t manage to guess what was going to happen. I was suspicious of everyone, but not sure who was going to turn out to be part of the mystery!
Sophia is called home by her mum and delays returning until the following day. She finds her mum dead and her dad badly injured in what the police believe is a murder/suicide. She refuses to believe that her mum could be responsible and tries to clear her name. After finding some journals she discovers her mum had a past she knew nothing about and also they’d been having problems locally for a while
I found the journals fascinating with everything they revealed about her mum’s history. I had to keep reading and when I woke at 4am this morning I just had to finish the book!

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The Little Cottage on the Hill- Emma Davies


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I absolutely adored this book and really hope that we might find a series of books set around the Little Cottage on the Hill. Maddie is escaping from her high flying job in London under a cloud. She has agreed to project manage a renovation of a farmhouse complex. She comes with modern ideas and meets resistance from Seth who wants everything done with a romantic vision.
We meet the wonderful cast of characters that soon feel like long lost friends. Maddie comes to realise that Seth has surrounded himself with people who share his vision. His gardener works tirelessly and we wonder what background they have together. The thatcher also seems to have a close connection and the history of thatching was fascinating.
As the views from the Hill weave their magic around Maddie she comes to see how the project needs to go. I loved the family history that unravels as we go along and adds to the whole story. I loved the whole feeling around the book. I felt like I was unpacking boxes in the farmhouse alongside them and could picture the seed catalogues and how they will set a theme for the cottages.
The romance in the book is sweet and I think we have scope for more romances in future books (please!). I could imagine books around each cottage as they become ready – with the first set around the person who books Gardeners Cottage. I wasn’t really ready to let the characters go- always a sign of a book I totally fell in love with!


Spring on the Little Cornish Isles: The Flower Farm- Phillipa Ashley


This was such a wonderful read. Set on the Isles of Scilly- we get a real sense of community and living on a flower farm. I loved the characters. Will and Jess took over running the farm when their father left and feel a big responsibility for making it a success. Gaby is taking a temporary job there whilst getting over a family tragedy. She doesn’t plan to stay long but the islands weave their magic over her. We wonder whether she will moving on or listening to the whisper of Cupid’s Arrow.
I loved the thought of everyone planning nights out and going by boat- it really made me want to go back to the Isles of Scilly as we had a magical day there once. I remember the landrover meeting the helicopter flight and whizzing round the tiny lanes at amazing speed and trying to breathe in to make sure we got through the tight spaces!