The Kicking the Bucket List- Cathy Hopkins


When Iris finds out that she is dying she is desperate for her daughters- Rose, Dee and Fleur to become close again. She leaves a set of instructions that they must follow to get their inheritance which mean they need to spend 6 weekends together completing a bucket list!

They are resistant to meeting up initially- but Dee is more in need of her inheritance than her sisters and manages to persuade them to meet up and find out what their mum planned for them.

They have a wide variety of activities mapped out for them – some are more enjoyable than others- but the relationship between them shows no sign of thawing. Some of the plans that their mum had drawn up had me quietly chuckling away.

All three sisters are concealing heartbreak or troubles of their own- but Dee is keen to build bridges with them to try and regain their close bond. You can feel the emotion when the three sisters watch the video clip at the start of each of their challenges and feel their pain- but also the comfort from seeing their mum speaking to them .

I did enjoy this book – although it was sad at times.




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