The Wedding Girls- Kate Thompson


I love books that educate aswell as draw you into the story. The WWII years (pre and post) are one of my favourite era’s for a historical story and I love the home stories. This one is set pre war when the troubles were rearing their heads. This one explores the facism at the time with the Blackshirts and the beginning of the Jewish businesses being targeted.

Stella and Winnie work for a wedding photographer and Kitty works for a seamstress who makes the brides dreams come true. We follow their dreams and family troubles and more about the state of social housing at the time.

Kitty dreams of being a fairytale bride with every wedding she helps and Winnie has a boyfriend called Treacle who she would love to marry, but her father makes that impossible.

I love the characters from the EastEnd and all their traditions and the way that they all group together to get through problems and hard times. The weddings also added to the romance of the book. I couldn’t put this one down and found myself one stop past my home stop trying to read just one more page and forgetting to check where the bus was!

I will definately go back to read more of Kate Thompsons’s work.

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