Would Like to Meet- Polly James


Good reads-

What would you do if you spotted your ex-husband on a dating site? Would you pretend to be someone else to win him back?

A hilarious, heart-warming read perfect for fans of Shirley Valentine and You’ve Got Mail.

My thoughts

This is such a delightful book. The cover initially drew me to choose it- I couldn’t leave it unread! I could not put it down.

Hannah’s life changes suddenly after an argument and her husband of 27 years says they should split. She is devastated- but after chatting to her aunt realises that she needs to make some changes. As part of her new lifestyle she meets friends and tries internet dating.

It’s so amusing in parts and in others you can feel her pain losing the man of her dreams – even if things had been allowed to slip into humdrum. Her friend works for a very fashionable magazine and has some interesting conversations with Hannah and where she should be driving her life forward.

The characters are really warm, you’d love to join them with a glass of wine, but maybe not some of the other escapades! It’s a book about family life, loss, relationships and dating for the over 40’s in a new world they haven’t had to contemplate before. You can imagine yourself in their place- whilst hoping it’s never going to happen!

Some of the work stories really made me smile- I could just imagine her boss and some of the team building exercises that would make you cringe.
I will be keen to look out for more of Polly’s work- her writing style really drew me in.

With many thanks to Avon Books and Net Galley for the chance to discover a new author to add to my favourites list.


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