The Farm and the Edge of the World- Sarah Vaughan


This book had everything for me- set on the rugged North Cornish coastline on a granite farm and featuring the war years and present day. The Cornish setting seeps through the pages and made me want to return! The very essence of Cornwall is so well depicted and that is always a winner for me, The characters were brilliantly drawn and easy to engage with. I loved the way that the three generations stories were weaved together and flowed easily. Full of love, heartbreak and loss through troubled times from the evacuee days during the war at Skylark Farm ‘on the edge of the world’ to present time.
My own father lived on a hill farm in Wales as a youngster in a very primitive location and his stories throughout my childhood helped me picture the war years at Skylark Farm. I think it’s a book my dad would love to read. If I can find an audio copy I really must buy it for him- he’s unable to read print copy now.
I was so sorry to reach the end of this one and can imagine myself picking this one up again when I am in North Cornwall later this year.
I loved Sarah Vaughans’ writing style- and loved her previous book ‘The Art of Baking Blind’ so much that I was very eager to read this one. I will definitely look out for her next book.
With many thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this one.


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