The Cotswolds Cookery Club-Italy – Alice Ross


Connie takes advantage of her friends offer to house sit her wonderful house in the Cotswolds when they go to work abroad for 6 months. She’s a proof reader who can work from home. She’s also looking after their rescue greyhound who is very nervy.

She sets up a cookery club with a couple of ladies that the newsagent knows and the four ladies are soon enjoying evenings with delicious food, copious amounts of wine and healing friendships. They all host an evening based on an Italian theme and the menus make your mouth water and wish that you could set up a similar club with your friends. It actually did make me want to reboot my new recipe challenge and maybe it needs a revamp with a country theme!

The friends share many feelings and Connie has a feeling that Kate’s marriage may not be all it seems, Melody is feeling like a fish out of water in the Cotswolds. Having married an older man she is meeting resistance from all the locals who think she is a gold digger. She is yearning for a baby- but this new group of friends is really boosting her confidence and letting her spread her wings a little.

I am so looking forward to hearing about more evenings with the cookery club and the treats they have in store for us.


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