Summer at Willow Tree Farm


This book has such a wonderful cast of characters and a lovely setting. I was initially drawn to this book because of the title reminding me of one of my favourite childhood books. I was imagining losing myself on the farm again!!!!!!!!
Eloise had a terrible time as a teenager when her mum split with her dad and moved them to a commune. She had a crush on a lad around her own age but found it hard to deal with his attitude towards her. She finds herself moving back and to her horror finds that Art is now helping to run the farm. She’d been estranged from her mum but gradually realises that things weren’t easy for her mum at the time.
The characters living at the farm are delightful and all help out in various ways. Ellie wants to help them set up a successful plan to move the farm forward and into a thriving hub. I loved the romantic element to the book and the setting was described so well that I wanted to visit and enjoy a meal in their kitchen!


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