Single for the Summer- Mandy Baggot


This was such a perfect holiday read. Beautiful descriptions of Corfu allow you to easily imagine yourself on it’s sunsoaked beaches, exploring the winding streets and sampling the delicious food on offer. Ideal if you aren’t escaping anywhere this summer, pull up your lounger and a glass of sangria and imagine the water lapping on the shore.

Tess is a serial dater, never allowing a relationship to develop longer than 6 weeks. She agrees to go on holiday with her friend when her boyfriend declares that he needs a break. Sonya gets her to vow to stay single whilst they are there.

She meets Andras, who is a gorgeous Greek local and finds herself agreeing to being a pretend girlfriend whilst a family wedding is going on to avoid his mother pairing him off with a relative.

He agrees to be a tour guide for the two friends and they go on some idyllics days in the sun- seeing beautiful parts of the Greek Island.

Tess gets caught up in the prenuptial celebrations and the Greek traditions sound really interesting. The mother is a typically drawn Greek matriarch and is determined to dislike Tess- as she’s not Greek and not the girl she has picked out for her son.

It’s made me even more keen to visit Corfu and explore the villages and sit down to enjoy the delicious sounding food and drink.


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