Sunshine after the Rain- Daisy James


When a mistake happens at a show in the art gallery that she manages, Evie feels that she has to resign. Her colleague and friend comes round with the keys to the owners property in Corfu and suggests that she takes a break there.

Corfu is so beautifully depicted within the pages that you can’t help but want to join them all.

Sam is the owners son and he turns up at the villa whilst Evie is there and although she’s staying in the art studio and he’s in the main building, they do meet up. He encourages her to take up her paints again and takes her on some wonderful trips to inspire her. She also gets her head turned by the local Greek Lothario and sees some of the island with him.

You feel that you know the locals and would love to join them to sample the local fare and stagger back to your villa after sampling the retsina! I loved my trip to Corfu- the hint of sunshine, the stunning views that are described makes you want to be able to paint a picture for your own house and the romance sparks and delicious food and drink make it a perfect summer read.


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