The Little Cottage in the Country- Lottie Phillips


This was such a lovely, fun read. It’s full of lots of amusing scenes as Anna tries to settle into countrylife. The cottage her aunt left her doesn’t turn out to be quite the chocolate box dream that she imagined. Then she finds her aunt and best friend decamp to the country with her.

One of the first amusing scenes is a speed dating event. After discovering that they are in the wrong village , one of the locals rounds up a bunch of eligible men. You can just imagine the cringe factor! She also gets caught out submitting a shop bought cake to the cake stall competition.Can life get any worse for Anna?!

She’s a journalist and is having to submit a weekly diary from the country aided by her best friend as the photographer.

We have romance, friendships, snobby school gate mummies and delightful children.

The cover is so gorgeous that it would immediately attract me to pick this one up and I am so grateful to have received a copy from Net Galley.


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