The little bed and breakfast by the sea- Jennifer Joyce


This was such a charming, heart warming book set in a bed and breakfast by the sea. You feel wrapped within a warm and cosy blanket enjoying the friendships and romances in the beautiful setting of Clifton on Sea whilst enjoying a cup of tea and enjoying a plate of cookies!

Mae runs a lovely bed and breakfast by the sea where she rents 2 rooms out in her house. She also has to work shifts in the local pub to help make ends meet. She has a 4 year old daughter and keeps rebuffing the advances of the local vet.

Willow runs a local shop which upcycles items into must have home decor- I loved the commissions she had throughout the book. She is doing up her ‘forever house’ with her husband Ethan. It has turned into a bit of a money pit leaving them with financial worries and stress. When a potentially severe problem turns up she manages to book into Mae’s B&B for a coupe of weeks.

Melody is escaping her everyday life and travelling around the coast to try and take that one special shot for a photography competition. She’s not sure of her ability but is desperate to take her hobby further. She meets Hugo who runs an ice cream van and sees past his brash exterior.

The girls develop a lovely friendship whilst they are sharing the house and try to encourage each other to take a chance on love with the men who are trying to get close to them! They share some of the issues troubling them.



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