Curves, Kisses and Chocolate Ice Cream- Sue Watson


You are absolutely guaranteed a giggle with Sue Watson’s books and the early scenes in the gym make you laugh out loud and made me think that’s exactly how I’d be if I was brave enough to get through the gym door.
Dani who helps run the ice cream cafe is a curvy lady who has tried every diet going over the years. She knows the calorie content of everything she eats- but it just tastes sooo delicious! Working in the cafe isn’t ideal for her self control either! She has to sample all the new recipes!
Her friend persuades her that she needs to start exercising and she braves the gym and meets Chris. He’s the typical gym bunny- but he offers to become her personal trainer to help her get fit.She evens finds a breakfast run along the beach enjoyable.
I love the characters and the setting. You can feel the sparks between them- but neither seems to recognise the signs. Dani’s goal is her 40th birthday party and the plans sound amazing and you can just imagine the cafe all decorated and the cake.
It’s a really heartwarming book and I can’t wait to see what the future holds with the cafe characters.


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