Two Sisters- Kerry Wilkinson


Megan and Chloe lose their parents due to a car crash and decide to visit the holiday home where their brother disappeared 10 years ago. He was presumed dead- but no sign was ever found. Megan received a postcard on the day of her parents funeral that she thinks may have come from her brother and she wants to see if she can find out what really happened.

Whitecliff is a really creepy place to be- rich parents seem to leave their teenagers there for the summer and the locals resent them. No one seems particularly happy. You get a sense of danger lurking- but never sure which direction it might be coming from. The book is full of suspense- where you really wonder what may be beneath the story. The village celebration promises more dark secrets.

I liked the two sisters and the owner of the art gallery.  I loved the sound of Chloe’s drawings- it’s a talent I would like to have myself. The other villagers seem to be hiding any knowledge they had of Zac and display varying degrees of hostility to the girls.

Although I enjoyed this book I must admit that I much prefer the Jessica Daniels series.



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