Escape to the Cotswolds- Nataline Kleinman


This is a lovely summery read – ideal to pack for your holidays.
After an upsetting discovery Holly goes to stay with her best friend in the Cotswolds. She has a bad first impression of the local vet- but soon discovers that he is fantastic with the local animals so he can’t be that bad………..can he?
She falls in love with village life and her life dream of having her own studio and running classes begins to become a reality when she buys a house in the same village.
It sounds so blissful and you really want to find the local estate agent and find a pretty cottage of your own. Holly meets the locals and finds herself the object of desire with one- and has to find a way to deal with the thought of a new romance.
The book deals with lovely friendships, delightful village settings and the hint of a romance in the air. I love the Cotswolds and this book gives you a wonderful ‘virtual’ trip to the picturesque village. I will definately look out for more books by Natalie Kleinman.



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