The Chateau Of Happily Ever Afters


When Wendy gets a letter telling her she has been left a Chateau by her elderly neighbour Eulalie, she doesn’t expect it to come with a clause that it will be shared by an estranged great nephew, Julian. Wendy doesn’t think her neighbour knew about him and is determined to dislike him from the off.

They both set off to spend a few weeks at the Chateau unbeknown to the other. Julian is a male model and Wendy thinks he must be very shallow.

This is such a heartwarming book. The Chateau is believed to have some magical properties and the villagers are all keen to meet them and find out more about them. One of the neighbours has a bakery round- and you just imagine the aroma in the air and the croissants for breakfast.

There is a lot of work to be done in the Chateau- but they both love seeing rooms come back to life. They both begin to love life in France and there is defianately a spark between them that is being denied. I would love to wander round the chateau and the gardens and walk into the village on market days and buy cheese and cakes and browse through all the stalls.

You get to meet and fall in love with the villagers and can imagine living there. You really can imagine the sights all around and the sense of it being a really relaxing place to be, despite a very temperamental generator.

Wendy starts to bake and although he’s used to a lifetime of counting calories, Julian is drawn to the kitchen, or is he drawn to Wendy?

An ideal read for the summer.




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