Love on The Rocks- Emily Anne Brandon



What a lovely read- set in a seaside village called Whitehorse Bay in Scotland. The villagers know everything about everyone and secrets don’t stay secret for long. After Lexy lost her parents she has struggled emotionally. She pours all of her love into her border collie Brian, who is a wonderful character on his own!

When she meets Tom in the village she realises he is the 10 year old boy that she shared her first kiss with. She helps him blend into village life as he is looking for a retreat to escape from fame for a while. He treats her to extravagent pressies and encourages her to follow her dream of being a full time artist. We wonder what secrets he might be hiding and whether he’s going to be right for Lexy.

Her friends in the village are a bit more wary and have her best interests at heart. The friendships are wonderful and the local pub provides many great scenes. The whole location is described so perfectly that you feel you could visit and know everyone and be able to wander along the shore.

I love books set by the sea- and this one would make a perfect summer read. You eagerly read on , longing to find out what is going to happen next. I will be very keen to read Emily Anne Brandon’s next book.


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