The Gin Shack on the Beach- Catherine Miller



Olive’s son convinces her that it is time to move into a retirement village in a old hotel. She sees the virtue in no longer having to cook and wash up- but doesn’t want to give up her independence OR her gin and tonic down at her beach hut.

She finds some kindred spirits at the centre who are also bold enough to grow old disgracefully and join the ‘wear purple’ brigade. They discuss ways to bend the rules and enjoy a glass of gin away from ‘Matron’ and the escapades begin. I absolutely loved Olive, Randy and Veronica and their refusal to be be treated as though they were at boarding school and more like the Famous Three escaping on expeditions. You wondered what they were going to try next and how despairing Matron and Olive’s son were going to be.

The beach hut community sounded wonderful and the idea of the gin club was born and I loved the way that the idea grew and became a wonderful reality and the beach hut community were always there for each other in more ways than one.

I’m not a gin drinker but I must admit that the descriptions of the different gins they sampled made me want t0 try a few of them and join the gin club to get my very own tokens for gin! Even the bottles sounded like something I needed to own!

Any book set by the coast is a winner for me and this was such an adorable read. You quickly engage with the characters- apart from Matron! You can imagine yourself trotting off to buy something purple to wear and compiling a bucket list for an octogenarian to complete, disgracefully refusing to get old. There are many funny and also many touching moments in the book. Catherine Miller has written a pure delight that you won’t want to put down, apart from maybe to add a few ice cubes to a glass of gin just to join in with the spirit of things obviously!

I can’t wait to read more by this author.

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