Summer at Hope Meadows- Lucy Daniels


I bought the Animal Ark stories for my daughters as I thought they were such a lovely series full of animal mad children. I requested this book through Net Galley without realising that this book ( and I imagine- the first in a new series) features Mandy Hope as a grown up newly qualifed vet coming back to help her parents. I also hadn’t realised that the original books were written by a team of writers and this new one is written by a vet.
It was such an adorable read, the characters were already so familiar to me, although the new characters were also wonderful. You get a real sense of village community and the feeling that you have moved into the pages of the book.
I’ve recently been accompanying my daughter to a daycare farm and I was surprised how much we’ve learnt about animals since we’ve been spending one day a week in a dream come true. This book felt very similar- you are so absorbed with the story that you could easily read this in one sitting.
It covers the concept of making dreams a reality, family, relationships and overcoming the fear of the ‘new vet’ status and lovely animal patients.
I’ll be first in the queue to read another book in this series.


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