Ginny Moon- Benjamin Ludwig


I found this a fascinating read- I don’t always find it easy to read books with an autistic character having a daughter on the spectrum.
Ginny has had an extremely difficult life, being taken away from an abusive mother and struggling to settle into a ‘forever’ home. She also struggles with processing more than one question at a time- which resonated here. We were always told that any information had to be given in bite sized chunks as she wouldn’t process more than one bit of information at the same time.
Ginny’s ‘voice’ is described very realistically- you can almost see into her mind and see her processing the situations. She takes situations literally- never ask an autistic person for an honest answer if you aren’t really looking for one! You can also feel the agonies her ‘forever’ family are going through- it’s a huge commitment to take on a child with additional needs.
There are some unexpected twists and at times you do wonder where the book is headed and what will happen to Ginny

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