The cafe in Fir Tree Park- Katey Lovell



This was a really lovely read set around a cafe in Fir Tree Park. Maggie took over running the cafe when her ex husband went to prison following a bank robbery. She has brought her children up single handedly ever since and loves baking and making her cafe look pretty for special occasions. The parties held there sound wonderful.

Each chapter is told by one of the 4 leading female characters but as they are all related or work at the cafe you hear more about all characters. The ideal read whilst drinking a cup of tea with a slice of Lemon Drizzle- even better if enjoying it whilst sitting in the sunshine,

The book deals with all sorts of relationship issues, bullying, friendships, hidden love and a wonderful cast of characters. Lovely romances develop during the book and it is just such a comforting way to lose yourself reading for a few hours. I suggest that you will need to visit the bakery aisle before starting as you will definately be craving a lovely piece of cake before you finish.

The cover is so inviting and I look forward to reading more by Katey Lovell.


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