Secrets of the Dead- Carol Wyer


The second thriller from Carol Wyer is just as chilling as the previous book in the Robyn Carter series. A series of unexpected deaths and murders seem unrelated apart from a note left with each victim. She needs to solve the case or discover who else might be in danger and why.

I love lead detectives who veer a little from the expected path to get the results they want- and also have a great interest in their team. She employs her cousin, a private detective to get the information she’s not allowed to investigate! He was a great character along with his wife and loved their stay at the spa.

I enjoy books set in local settings where I recognise places and can picture exactly where they are. My dad was born in Lichfield- so I was thinking of him whilst I was reading this book. Sometimes you just wish you could pass a book on as he would have loved this one.

It is fast paced and you feel as though you are part of the investigation, maybe not helping much as you seem to be second guessing and veering down the wrong path. I love books where you keep guessing. I am so pleased to have found another thriller series that I can eagerly await the next case.

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