The summer house by the Sea- Jenny Oliver


When Ava attends her grandmothers funeral- she decides to spend the summer at her house in Mariposa. She hopes that the town will have retained the charm of her childhood memories – but is dismayed to find it tired and jaded. She decides to help Cafe Estrella turn itself around and find new customers to keep the tills busy.

When her brother faces a blip in his career , he also decides to find a new path forward by chilling in the sun. He brings his little boy, who is a delightful character who throws himself into everything on offer by the sea.

This book has everything- healing family relationships, romance, a village full of fantastic characters who build a vivid backdrop to the story , and churros which sound absolutely delicious. Throw in a movie star- who may or may not have been on Ava’s bedroom wall as a teen and we have the ingredients for the most fantastic summer read.

I have read and enjoyed several of Jenny Olivers previous books and this one was a really lovely read. You are guaranteed to fall in love with it’s charms and be reluctant to draw yourself back into the real world rather than read ‘just one more chapter’. This really would make the ideal book to pack in your suitcase.


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