Summer at the Little Wedding Shop- Jane Linfoot


I have really loved this series – from the descriptions of the shop with it’s little round window in the attic rooms to the wonderfully engaging characters all set amongst a gorgeous froth of stunning weddings and romance.

I pass a gorgeous wedding shop frontage every day on the bus- they recently acquired another shop- so they have 3 shops in a run- one for weddings, one for proms and one for ‘couture’- but the very end window has lace curtains tied back and a vintage sewing machine and mannequin with a tape measure and a table with a ledger/notebook on it. Every day this series of books pops into my head when I go past. I think about all the happy brides that must have used this shop and hope that the inside is as special as the one within this series of books.

I have a real softness for everything weddingy and think I’d enjoy being associated with that industry in some way- until I got the first rogue wedding I guess!

This book has the perfect mix of laughs, warm friendships, sparks of attraction and beautiful settings with oodles of fairy lights twinkling at twilight.

Kip seems to be going into competition with Poppy’s wedding business and the brides are also competing to get the best wedding reception with the new wedding planner and go into instagram war! I absolutely loved that part of the story.

I was so sad to say goodbye to these characters and the wonderful little wedding shop by the sea- but I have loved every single page of the whole series!

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