Summer at Conwenna Cove- Darcie Boleyn


This was the perfect summer read- easy to lose yourself in a wonderful setting amongst great characters who quickly become new friends. Eve has had a stressful time and when things come to a head she heads down to Cornwall to stay with her aunt who owns 2 fishermen’s cottages in Cornwall. I could just imagine opening the door and being wrapped in the warm Cornish hugs and feeling like you’d come home!

Her aunt rents to a handsome man called Jack who is nursing demons of his own. He helps out at a greyhound rescue centre and Eve finds it very healing to spend time there. I loved the scenes at the rescue centre and the way they help the dogs find their forever homes. Jack is also helping to heal the stress away from Eve.
Eve’s aunt sounds like the perfect lady to spend time with- happy to open her home and make you feel welcome and providing a safe haven for healing vibes.
I adore books set in Cornwall and absolutely loved every page of this one.

You can buy your copy here


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