The Darkest Lies- Barbara Copperthwaite

This was a real page turner- drawing you into it’s pages and refusing to let you go to sleep. Just one more page- I can’t leave them here!!!!!!! A really chilling book centred around every parents nightmare. A 13 year old girl goes missing and no one in the village seems to have seen anything- but Melanie begins to suspect that everyone is hiding something.

We hear from Melanie, Beth the daughter and an unidentified monster who is really frightening. Melanie begins to wonder if she knew her daughter when a little pink notebook reveals some teenage secrets. Melanie is worried that the police aren’t doing enough and decides to investigate despite being told that she must leave the investigation to the police. She is also horrified that the media seems to be ignoring them.

You are left wondering who might be responsible and who the chilling narrator is and what is in store next.

I really didn’t want to put this book down and was desperate to find all the answers. I loved the way that things were leaked and revealed and you could feel the pain of Melanie’s parents and the different ways that they were dealing with it.


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