Ella’s Ice Cream Summer


You are guaranteed to be laughing out loud very quickly when you start reading a Sue Watson book. I love that the characters are ‘real’ people. Ella has been left behind in the digi age by her own mum and it’s so amusing hearing about her mums foray into twitter and internet dating!

Ella’s family is holding secrets. Her mum stopped talking to her own sister when Ella was quite young. She still spent many summers in Appledore- which is an area I loved. We wonder what was behind the split.

When her aunt dies she finds out that she has been left the family ice cream van and not a share in the cafe as she hoped. She decides that as her homelife is disintegrating around her and her teenagers are travelling over the summer- that she will take the ice cream van out to earn a living.

Her solicitor sounds dreamy- a surfer who spends the summer in the family office to earn enough money to spend time surfing in exotic destinations.

I’m so pleased to see that there will be a follow on book which says it features new characters- hoping to get a little update on Ella aswell. Sue’s books are the perfect summer read- guaranteed to lift your spirits and cheer the day up.

You can buy it here.


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