The Hour Glass- Tracy Rees



I love Tracy Rees’ writing style- she creates such wonderful characters and draws the settings so well that you can imagine yourself there. I love reading books set in places I know well- and this was a lovely trip back to holidays in my youth. Tenby is such a beautiful place that it was lovely to revisit it within the pages of this book.
This is a timeslip novel set in almost present day and the 50’s and both stories are easy to get absorbed in. It really does recreate the magic of the Welsh coast. The 50’s is a fascinating era to visit and you feel as though you know the characters so well by the end of the book.
I have Tracy Rees other books on my kindle and I just know I am going to love every page. It is great to find new favourite authors to add to your list to watch for the new releases. They have such beautiful covers that you are instantly drawn to them visually.

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