The New beginnings coffee club- Samantha Tonge



When Jenny finds herself having to carve out a new life for her and her daughter following a shocking discovery about her marriage, things feel very tough and scary. Her husband was a very wealthy man and she’d got used the to the trappings of success.
She has to try and get her little girl to adapt to life with no luxuries, hoping to instil in her the lovely childhood values that she herself enjoyed.
April finds it a little tough to adjust- but we see her life begin to relax into a much calmer, happier and healthier lifestyle. I loved the wishes that she came up with and how her mum managed to make these days into mini life experiences for her.
The Coffee Club where she finds work and lodging sounds a wonderful place to spend time and Noah and Elle the perfect friends to help rebuild your life and confidence. The strong sense of friendships run through the book and is really heartwarming. I loved the customers and hearing about the villagers and was quite sad to say goodbye. There are some amusing exchanges and also characters who give you belief in humanity. Samantha’s books always transport you to an idyllic place- feeling warm and cosy getting to know new friends and settling down in wonderful locations. I was quite happy to settle down for a few hours with a great book and a lovely cup of coffee and just lose myself completely.

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