Bertie the Blitz Dog- Libby Parker


This was a really sweet book written from the dogs point of view as he lived through the Blitz in London. He sees things that he can’t explain but we are able to understand what is going on.

Bertie loses his adored owner at a time when rationing was due to come in, and the official advice was to get rid of all pets. He manages to get another family to fall in love with him and we follow his new life.

He spends time with every member of the family and in shelters although officially pets weren’t allowed in them. He sees blackmarket transactions and a hint of a sinister dark world.

We see a lot of the war on the homefront through his eyes and experience rationing, evacuees, war work. I love books set around the war years and this was a refreshing book told from a completely different angle. I think this could be read by someone of any age and by all animal lovers. Those who lived through the war will enjoy a gentle ramble through memory lane and youngsters could learn a lot about how difficult life could be during rationing and the dangers that ordinary people faced.


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