The Woman at Number 24- Juliet Ashton


I absolutely loved this book. It was about the residents who live in a house in Notting Hill. Sarah lives in the top flat and recently became to her ex husband who remarried and lives in a lower flat. You can imagine the emotions that evokes.
We get to see how all the characters interact and how their stories develop. Sarah is a child psychologist and one little girl in the house is selective mute. We wonder what is behind her story and whether Sarah will be drawn in. Mavis lives in the basement flat and is a great character. She is so grumpy most of the time- but after reaching out to her we see a blossoming friendship.
Twists keep the interest high and wondering what will happen next and what secrets might be lurking behind each door.
I can’t wait to read more by Juliet Ashton- I love her writing style and the the characters she creates. I love the cover which is so bright and inviting. It drew me to the book immediately.


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