Spring at Blueberry Bay- Holly Martin


I absolutely love Holly Martin’s books- she writes such wonderfully engaging stories that make you want to move into the pretty settings. This is a warm, sexy story set in Blueberry Bay on Hope Island.

I love this description which makes you wish that you lived in such a pretty place. “Blossom Grove was a horseshoe of cottages in every colour of the rainbow facing out onto a little green”.

Bella is struggling financially but still invites a homeless man into her home to shower and share the last of her food. Isaac isn’t who he appears to be and we wonder how Bella will take the news of his true identity.

Her family is so supportive and you feel the warmth flowing through the book, lovely characters and strong family connections. I loved the ideas she came up with to fundraise and the way she tackles her new job.

I also share her view on books- ‘I love my books, they take me on adventures, introduce me to dashing heroes, fly me to foreign lands.’ Holly’s books do tranport you into lovely adventures with the most appealing leading men!

I can’t wait to return to Hope Island.


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