Ten Birthdays- Kerry Wilkinson


Having loved Kerry Wilkinson’s Jessica Daniels series I was really keen to request this one.

Poppy has been left some letters to open on her birthdays by her mum. Initially she struggles to cope with the idea- but grows to look forward to getting that bit of contact with her mum.

We share in her friendships as a youngster and when her mum’s death makes her future veer off in a different direction to her friend we see how various teens  enjoy life – but are still there for each other.

Her dad is trying to steer his way through and you feel for him at times. Her mum wants to leave advice for Poppy to steer her own way through and allow herself to accept herself as she is- but never to be scared to take a different path .

It makes you wonder what advice you would want to leave in a similar circumstance and how precious those letters would be to receive- down to the expensive stationery her mum chose.

I enjoyed this one and would love out for more in this genre by Kerry Wilkinson.

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