The Bluebell Bunting Society- Poppy Dolan


This was such a charming story set in a small village. Connie took over as caretaker of Bluebell Hall when her gran died and she is now faced with trying to save it from closure. It needs the villagers to embrace it and use it fully.
She enlists some friends to help her try and raise the ratio of villagers using the hall and there are some very amusing scenes whilst they try out various ideas. They come up with a sewing group making bunting for the village fete.
It’s a lovely tale of friendships, village community, romance and family issues. The village fete sounded absolutely wonderful and I could just imagine walking around all the stalls and signing up to join the sewing club!
Connie makes some new friendships and also shows her nurturing, caring side with her mum, her oldest school friend and the teenage girl that she is trying to encourage to blossom.
I’d love a follow up to see where the characters go next.

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