The Idea of You- Amanda Prowse


This was such a heartwrenching read. When Lucy marries Jonah she looks forward to the perfect married life together. But her hopes and wishes don’t go as smoothly as she dreamed that they would- and she faces such a troubled time. She has a very successful job- but is looking forward to starting a family.

When her teenage stepdaughter comes to stay during the difficult times- she just adds to Lucy’s problems. She is faced with the teenage hormones without having had the pleasure of the getting to know her stage. Camille is also a troubled girl and although she is hostile to Lucy, she does actually love some of the things that Lucy plans for her. Jonah is pulled in different directions and was never going to be able to keep everyone happy.

I did love the occasional glimpse into the softer side of Camille- having gone through the teenage years- you know your little girl is still in there somewhere! Lucy is trying to negotiate the tough end of parentlng whilst struggling with personal heartbreak.

We have romance, love, heartbreak, family dynamics and a hint of secrets running through and keeping you engrossed in the story. You are always assured of a great read with Amanda Prowse- have loved her books since the first release.


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