The Little Teashop of Lost and found- Trisha Ashley


Trisha Ashley is one of my favourite authors and I was over the moon to get a copy of her latest book through NetGalley. I can’t wait to buy this now for my favourites shelf.

I was totally immersed in this book as soon as I picked it up. Alice is recovering from the loss of her partner and uses some insurance money to buy a cafe in Haworth- sight unseen. As you would expect this throws some unexpected challenges her way- but along the path to it opening as a afternoon tea emporium she meets some wonderful people and enjoys living in a beautiful if remote setting.

When she discovers that she is not going to be able to live there initially, she is very lucky to find the most adorable family who run a boarding house. I wanted to go and stay with them. They give her a really warm sense of belonging and along with seeking her advice for a teashop venture of their own- they offer a warm hug and someone to listen and help her see the cafe open as part of her vision.

We have a seemingly reluctant romance with some very endearing moments, heartwarming friendships and families and the lovely image of the cafe and searching for the perfect finishing touches.

As part of the story, Alice as an author, is using her personal history as an abandoned baby searching for clues to her early days to develop an adult fairy tale. She has returned to Haworth hoping to find her birth mother , or at least the people who found her- but do they want to be found? So we see the fairytale being written along the way and also a little insight into the way she came to be found on the moors.

The cover is so enticing and the book was just the perfect way to spend time with my evening cuppa. It made me fancy delicious sound cakes and scones- I could literally imagine myself there on opening day with the advertised ‘rudest’ waitresses in Haworth.



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