The Little Breton Bistro- Nina George (blog tour)



I’m really pleased to be part of the Blog Tour for The Little Breton Bistro by Nina George. I read and loved her previous book and this one was a real treat aswell.

This book has a beautiful cover that you are immediately drawn to it. Nina draws such deep characters that you immediately feel as though you know them. Breton is depicted so vividly that you can imagine yourself on holiday there- or maybe even going to live there amongst new friends. It was wonderful to see Marianne blossom once she was amongst the locals and away from a loveless marriage with Lothar. She began to feel valued and that was lovely to read and share with her!

The book begins with her jumping into the Seine with the intention of ending her unhappy life. Against her wishes she was rescued and you can feel her annoyance that her plans have been thwarted. But she soons learns that life is worth living if you carve out the life you want to live.

Nina has such a beautiful writing style that you lose yourself in the setting , breathing in the air, imagining the scenery around you. We also get to learn more about the people around her and their own issues.



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