Rosie’s Little Cafe on the Riviera- Jennifer Bohnet


This book was a true ray of sunshine, leaving you with a really heartwarming feeling. There is a hint of romance running throughout, dreams being realised and some bittersweet heart wrenching moments too. I could imagine myself in the Riviera and visiting Monaco. The characters were all so lovely- even those who may have troubled history with Rosie.

Rosie had a dream of running her own cafe after years of working on yachts for the wealthy. She’s opened a little cafe right on the beach and is determined to make a huge success of it- despite not having a lot of money to update things. She is dismayed that a Michelin star chef has taken over the hotel next door and thinks it will be disastrous for her.

I loved the way that the other characters were introduced and hopefully this means we may go back to them?? GeeGee is an estate agent and that gives lots of scope for new characters to come into the area! Erika is about to settle into her new home and we must get to meet her little girls new dog! A return trip to her wonderful sounding shop would be lovely aswell.

Seb was a delightful romantic interest- he was so gorgeous and caring and I was rooting for him and Rosie to get together. I could just imagine walking along the beach with him!

This was a wonderful escape from the awful weather and I loved my trip to the French Riviera which is so beautifully depicted by Jennifer. I love her writing style and have adored her previous books. This one left me with the same warm feeling.


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