A Secret Garden- Katie Fforde


It’s a while since I read a Katie Fforde book and this was an absolutely delightful read. I was lost in the pages and in the secret garden and was so sorry to come to the end.

It’s full of wonderful friendships, relationships and families. Lorna and Philly are working on a ‘secret garden’ for when the gardens are opened to the public and are getting read for a sculpture event. Philly is supplying the plants- but is enjoying working in the gardens themselves to earn a little extra money. Grand is a lovely character who makes delicious cakes and cares for his granddaughter.

Romance runs through the book- with the two lead girls having had troubled relationships in the past and a little wary of throwing themselves into new love.

Lorna shares one of my fears and I could have written the scene in the castle about myself! She was fine going up spiral staircases but struggled coming down. I had an incident at Warwick Castle where I thought they were going to have to close the stairs whilst I hyperventilated my way down!!!!!!!

You could imagine the gardens transforming themselves, Grands baking for the Sunday market stalls and wish you could settle down for a cup of tea at the kitchen table.


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