Before the Rains- Dinah Jefferies




Dinah is one of my favourite authors. I eagerly await each new release. Her books transport you into a different era and provides the stunning visual imagery that makes you feel totally immersed in the story. Eliza is a photo journalist which is fascinating to me as a scrapbooker and adds an extra dimension to the imagery.

We have the contrast in opinions on British rule in India and you really feel as though you have travelled with them. There is a romantic element running through the story and the characters are so richly drawn that you really feel a connection with them.

You can feel the heat, smells, spices and colours of India- wrapped within the wonderful pages.

The other thing I love about her books are the delightful covers- they are always so beautiful that you feel you could leave these out on the coffee table for all of your visitors to enjoy their beauty and encourage them to discover one of your favourite authors.


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