A shilling for a wife- Emma Hornby


Sally’s husband bought her for a shilling from the workhouse and she suffers a terrible existence with him. When she has her baby son she knows that she has to get away to keep them both safe.

This book was a wonderful read. Some very strong friendships enhance the story and you really feel for the characters. It makes you appreciate modern times- the whole workhouse idea sounds terrible in every book I’ve read. The people who found themselves on hard times could sign themselves into the workhouse- but few ever made it out again. They were separated from their children and had to work hard for a very bleak life.

Sally is a strong character but has reason to fear that her husband will seek her out- and you feel her tension throughout the book even when things seem to be looking up for her. I loved her neighbours- they were real salt of the earth characters.

Lots of secrets were being kept by various characters which are revealed along the way – in some cases bring more heartbreak in others explain troubled relationships.

You really experience the hardships with them- trying to eke out food, take in friends in need, even travel was an ordeal. I love historical stories and this was a new author to me and I will definately be adding her to my list of authors to watch for new releases.


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