Felix the Railway Cat- Kate Moore


This was a delightful book about a cat who is employed by Huddersfield railway station. Two lads used to kick about ideas about things to introduce to the workplace and one of their ideas was to get a kitten. They sneakily introduced the kitten once the manager opposed to the idea was on secondment. Everyone (well almost) fell in love with the kitten and wanted to be a friend. They bought toys and treats.

The kitten had a wonderful way of creating a positive workplace atmosphere so that the staff were looking forward to coming to work every day. She found favourite places to sleep no matter how inconvenient it might be to other people. Two of the lads would kick a toy down a corridor for her to chase (not sure how that would go down in most workplaces mind you!).
She came into contact with some customers who changed their travel plans and there was a very touching scene where an autistic boy travelled to see her.

I loved the daily interactions with the staff , the customers and the cat. I wondered at points whether the cat was still at Huddersfield- but I looked up her facebook page and she’s still working and living there. Like other travellers I may be tempted to visit the station at some point- it sounds like a wonderful building and the added bonus of maybe spotting the cat would be lovely.

This is ideal for cat lovers as Felix is a wonderful mix of mischief and companionship.

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