Blink- K L Slater


This one had me spellbound from the first few pages. It goes back in time and back to present day to allow for the full story to be released and leave you wondering where the missing child is and whether she’s safe.

Toni the mum has gone through an awful time and when she is late to pick her daughter up, the press jump on that to blame her. You can feel the horror of living through your worst nightmare. Toni is trying to make their lives better- but is struggling to juggle everything and manage to keep everyone happy.

There are a collection of really interesting characters leading you to believe you know where the book is heading only to discover that maybe it’s someone else! I love the way the title of the book is introduced into the story and it’s a really interesting part of the story.

It’s my first book by Kim Slater and I am really keen to read her first book now. I was pleased to discover the K in KL stood for Kim to tick off part of a reading challenge for an author sharing my first name!

I voluntarily read an arc of this book.

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