To Rome with Love- TA Williams


What a wonderful read. Sarah works for a travel company and changes are in the air. When her wedding is called off she finds herself agreeing to lead a charity cycle ride from Venice to Rome. Apart from the fact that I would hate the physical side to the cycling this sounds like a dream trip. The characters are all really interesting and you can imagine getting to know them better. Lots of little romances are sparked amongst the other travellers. Sarah finds her prospective new boss very attractive- but he seems to have barriers set high and she’s wary of relationships.

I loved the descriptions of the countryside, the cycling, the characters, the towns they stopped in and even the ice cream parlours along the way. I can imagine the camaraderie amongst the cyclists. The exertion being rewarded by the spectacular views and the wonderful meals and events that are organised for them. If I could have hitched a lift in the minibus I think I’d have love the trip!

I always really enjoy TA Williams books and this was a wonderful read- ideal for a holiday, or curling up infront of the fire dreaming of the warmer weather!

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