Chalet Girls- Lorraine Wilson



This was a sexy read set in a ski resort in Verbier. Lucy , Sophie and Beth work in the ski resort and we follow their days and nights working and socialising. There is plenty of romance and healing of heartbreaks along with family issues to resolve.

Luc and Sophie are engaged and supposed to be planning their wedding- but families get in the way of the best set plans. I loved their relationship- Luc is such a romantic. The emails her mum sends give lots of added details about the pressures she’s feeling. You can just imagine the plans her mum is making.

I loved one of the quotes in this book- ‘Like I’m a jumbled up jigsaw and he’s looking for the edge pieces, working out where to start’! Doesn’t that conjure up some images?!

I also adored the Winnie the Pooh and Piglet quotes

‘any day spent with you is my favourite day’- how wonderful would it be to hear that from your favourite person?

‘As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen’- the promise of new love and the wonderful things ahead.



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