The Little Teashop of Broken Hearts-Jennifer Joyce


This is one of those books that entices you with a really pretty cover and draws you in with delicious sounding desserts with the most heartwarming set of characters and the quaintest sounding teashop. It’s ideal for curling up with on a cold afternoon with your very own cup of tea. You’d better get some delicious cakes in before you start reading because you won’t want to be torn away from the book!

Maddie has a tea shop on Sweet Street which is off the main high street throughfare and they are struggling to get customers through the door despite the talented bakers producing the most delicious sounding cakes and puddings. I wish I lived near Sweet Street- but to be honest it’s probably best that I only found it in the most wonderful fantasy world!

The characters are all wonderful and you are willing them to do well, find love and enjoy their friendships. The parade of shops sound like a nice place to wander down and when Maddie settles on a way to try and attract new customers you are drawn into the planning and imagining the event. Romance is a lovely element throughout the book- even for the older generation.

Maddie’s dad has an allotment and you can just breathe in the fresh air and imagine the produce. The competitiveness between the gardeners is fierce!

You really will want to share this book with your best friends- ideal birthday pressies for the year ahead. It’s such a feel good, heartwarming story and I can’t wait to read more by Jennifer Joyce.



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