The Silk Weaver- Liz Trenow




I love books that educate you and transport you into another place and time. I loved the descriptions of all aspects of the silk trade, importing and costume making businesses and felt you could imagine yourself at the loom creating a masterpiece alongside Henri. You learn about the tensions of the time and the dangerous world. You could feel the social expectations of the time and Anna was like a breath of fresh air. She wanted to be free to befriend whoever she wanted and the freedom to sketch and paint the world around her.

She is overawed by the sights and sounds in London having come from a vicarage in a small village but still finds a way to draw some wild flowers in a market. This leads to a great alliance that overcomes many obstacles.

I loved the whole atmosphere in the book and couldn’t put it down. The romance running through is lovely and you are hoping things will develop despite the social constraints Anna has living with her aunt and uncle. Friendship plays an important part between Anna and Charlotte and together they find solutions to many problems throughout the book.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves historical stories.

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