Sunrise at Butterfly Cove- Sarah Bennett


This really was a treasure of a read. It is set by the sea, has a guest house undergoing renovation, a troubled photographer looking to regain his creativity and a blossoming friendship that is trying to overcome the past.

Mia bought a guesthouse after losing her husband and has lovely neighbours who have taken her under their wing. I loved all the characters- you really warm to them and feel like you’ve known them forever.  Madeleine inteferes when she meets Daniel on the train from London. She drops him off at Mia’s even though the guesthouse is months from completion.

They both recognise the hurt behind the eyes of the other and when she agrees to let him stay for a week we are treated to a wonderful friendship developing and trying to guess  whether they can finally give their past a chance to recover and give new love a chance.

I loved the guesthouse emerging and the wonderful pieces of furniture they are unearthing in the barn ready to create themed rooms.

I can’t wait for the next book in the series and think I have found a new author to watch out for.


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