The corner shop of Whispers- Debbie Viggiano


I absolutely loved this book and couldn’t put it down. It’s released on Valentine’s Day and really is a great read.
It follows three friends who live in a village called Lower Amblegate. They meet up for coffee after their respective school runs and despite very different outlooks on life they share secrets and chocolate biscuits! Alison is a want to be social climber and gets exasperated by Daisy who has a very relaxed approach. Florrie outwardly has the perfect marriage but she is the only one who doesn’t have children yet.
The corner shop is the place to hear local gossip and there are soon plenty of stories flying around.
Florrie is commissioned to do a ‘portrait’ of the local celebrity and this gives us an insight into the wealthier end of the village and the plans for the village May ball.
You share in their worries, concerns and can feel the tension of the private school yummy mummies, competing to have the perfectly managed lives. Relationship issues and marriage troubles are all here and you feel like you have drawn up a chair at the kitchen table and are drinking your cup of tea, smiling at Alison hoping to find Earl Grey in Daisy’s home!
I can’t wait to read more of Debbie’s books and would love to thank her for a copy of her latest book to read.

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